Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Najib Razak : The Trophy Husband.

The Trophy Wife

but Najib (as usual!) is a bit confused....

Like most trophy wives, this trophy husband is not that intelligent and has no self respect. 
On Rosmah's arm this Najib is no eye candy but then Rosmah too is old enough to be his real wife in real life! 
I do wonder what is keeping Najib tied to the marriage. 
I can give you three reasons why men have trophy wives (sex, sex and more sex!).
I also understand why Rosmah needs a trophy husband (after all he is Prime Minister of a country and has private jets for her to use to go shopping!)....but what motivates Najib to stay in the marriage? 
I wonder what Rosmah has on Najib! 
Altantuya kut?
Or maybe that Port Dickson incident!
Endless possibilities.
As they say ...if you have a man by his balls, his heart and mind will follow! 
Rosmah has her trophy's husband balls in her firm grasps!

And the lady with that trophy husband is
Rosmah Mansor TFTFG! 
(Too Fat To Fly Commercial)
One hell of a lucky lady!

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