Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Malays are Angry? Really?

The Malays are Angry!
The Malays are angry. 

The Malays are angry with the opposition who they insists have lost the plot about Ketuanan Melayu and the need to safeguard the "special position" of the Malays in their own Tanah Melayu as agreed upon when the non-Malays were granted citizenship upon Merdeka.

The Malays are angry with the government that have grown corrupt and arrogant on the proceeds of the use and abuse of the trust the Malays have placed upon them to champion the cause of their own people.

The Malays are angry with the Christians, the Chinese, the Indians, the western culture and everything else that have threatened the fundamentals of Islam by exposing the Malays to the decadence and loss of morality and ethics that sex, drink and the non Muslim culture brings with them. 

The Malays are angry with Najib and Rosmah, Taib Mahmud, Anwar IIbrahim, Mahathir, Daim, Lim Kit Siang, Razak Baginda, Azmin Ali, Civil Servants, PAS, Umno, PKR, DAP, the purchase of the two submarines, the loss of the Jet Engines, Altantuya.....hell you can find a Malay to get angry at virtually anything that is going on in Malaysia!

The Malay leaders in government are angry, the Malay leaders in opposition are angry....even the cawangan members of the various Malay political parties are angry  with the state of the economy, the arrogance and corruption of their leaders and of course, about the lack of trickle down from the top to them of the wealth and riches that they see their leaders are rolling in!

The mat rempits are angry.

The minah current are angry.

The Felda settlers are angry.

These anger have been the result of angst and frustration at the plight of the Malays as the Malays see themselves increasingly isolated and marginalized economically, financially and physically  in a country they consider their own.

These anger are real but they have also been manufactured, advanced and manipulated by Malay leaders to serve their own political and personal agendas. 

And more worrying, the advent of the social media and an increasingly knowledgeable Malay mass have made the anger of the Malays more focused, more intense and more relevant to the future of this nation and its people - be it the Malays or the non Malays. And invariable where the Malays go with this anger, so will Islam follow. 

These anger amongst the Malays can no longer be kept hidden and under wraps indefinitely because most of the anger, after a long period of gestation have started simmer, boil over  and have started to erupt.  Whether the anger comes from within or manipulated and promoted by politicians and self interest groups the physical manifestations of it all can be seen by the overt aggression you see on display by the Malays in issues that involve religion and race. 

And the most recent of these incidents happened yesterday with protest about the building of luxury condominium in Keramat.    

Today Keramat..... Esok apa pulak?

PETALING JAYA: All 674 units of controversial Datum Jelatek condominiums have been registered to bumiputra buyers, debunking allegations that the Malays could not afford to purchase the luxury units.

Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) in a statement said that a total of 1,097 potential bumiputra buyers have shown their interest, exceeding their expectations on the project.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that the protest against the Datum Jelatek condominium is a politically motivated demonstration meant to embarrass the Selangor state government. And by the same token, the opposition too are adept at doing the same thing to embarrass the BN led federal government on issues that more likely than not, will have no bearing to the well being of the Malays. 

As a Malay I am unable to comprehend the rise of these angry Malays except to try and understand it in the context of what is now happening to the Malay politicians that we have today. What defines the Malay politicians of today from those in the decades before Mahathir, Pak Lah and Najib are two things - arrogance and corruption. 

Arrogance and corruption came with Mahathir. History tells us that politically powerful Malays from the time of the early Sultans and their Bendehara have done to their people what Umno are now doing to the Malays! In India too this is a common tread in the history of India's royals and Maharajahs. In Mahathir we have a fusion of the two - and there emerged the Mahathir that we now know to have been arrogant once power was in his hands. Power,as they say, corrupts. And for Mahathir absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

All things considered, the truth of the matter is that while Mahathir was himself not corrupt while in office, the absolute power he wielded over our nation allowed him to use corruption as a tool to extend his sphere of influence in government and in business. Again we are familiar with how Mahathir was prepared to allow corrupt Ministers, public servants and businessmen to serve under his government in as long as they do his bidding.

So while Mahathir was not himself corrupt he set the tone for what was to come after him. That power taken by Mahathir for himself now went to Pak Lah and Najib  - a legacy they inherited from Mahathir. Under their watch, Pak Lah and Najib allowed corruption to simmer, ferment and advance its insidious erosion into the moral and ethics of all things Malaysian. 

Thus it was that corruption and arrogance became the hall mark of Malay political leaders within the government and the opposition.

Today these Malay leaders are driven to seek political power because they know that when they become MP, Ministers, Menteri Besars and Prime Minister, they will become rich, their family will become rich and those that they favor will also become rich.

And so money motivates everything that they do.

The same for many of those Malays who are angry today.

From their political leaders the Malay have learned to have the same motivation to cloud everything that they do. Whether they are for Umno, PAS or PKR what drives many Malays to do what they do today is money. 

The recent protest about luxury condos being built in Keramat is not about the Chinese buying those condo that is being built in a Malay area. It is  about Umno putting the PKR state government of Selangor in an embarrassing position. And to do this, Umno must spend money and promise money to move these Malays to protest a non event. This money will be in the form of cash outlay or/and the promise of further financial gains through jobs, contracts and business opportunities that will be given to those who do the bidding's of their political masters. Umno do this to Chief Justices, to attorney general, to Ministers, to Sultans and also to Malays who protests against the building of luxury condominiums in Keramat.

So really the anger amongst the Malays are now driven by MONEY. Sometimes the Malays are angry because they are given money to be angry, sometimes the Malays are angry because of the lack of money! Money, money and money!

And this is the sad truth when we see Malays getting angry over the government, angry over the opposition , angry over the situation of their race, their religion and their way of life. 

This is not to say that there are no decent, honest and committed Malays who are driven to do what they can to improve the lot of their own race and religion. There certainly are Malays of this ilk...but their numbers are few and more often than not drowned by the obscenities hurled at them by these Malays who are driven by money in what they do. 

What more is there to say? For as long as the Malays do not stop their money driven anger that is how long they will stay under the thumb of those that throw the money their way but it will be a brave man that stands in their way for money can overcome decency, morality and ethics even in the best of us.  

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