Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sultan Ahmad Shah : First Page of Statutory Declaration by Dina Brizuela Cooper.

Let me make a few things clear.

This tale of Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang fathering a child out of wedlock is not new. For many this is already known and grudgingly accepted as the frailty of a man unable to understand the responsibility of being a hereditary Sultan and head of Islam within his state. His decadent lifestyle that has required his own state to bail him out of gambling debts and his sexual shenanigans has embarrassed many at state and federal level. From time to time there have been grumblings from within Putrajaya for him to behave – all ignored. And more worrying in this age that we now live in, this is a tale of financial, sexual and executive abuses common not only amongst Royalty but more so amongst the high and mighty that politics have spawned in Malaysia.

This tale about the Sultan of Pahang, like that of Altantuya have names, dates and a tale that can be verified and argued in court to establish the truth or fiction of what really happened. Altantuya has almost run its course bar the final nail still be hammered into the coffin of a few. This tale about the Sultan of Pahang is still in its infancy despite it happening over three decades ago!

In the light of a number of recent “close one eye, shut the other” incidents that this BN government choose to do when the abuses by the high and might have been exposed, I have visited this particular tale about this Sultan of Pahang to highlight the reality that in Malaysia, if you have the connections, you will get away with any abuse you choose to do – whether it be against the legal or religious tenets of our country.

Yes it is OUR country – not the Sultans, not the Prime Minister or his wife and certainly not the politicians who are sworned to serve King, country and the rakyat.

So let us continue with this sordid tale of our once King, also now Sultan of Pahang, who must be made to understand that like all of us, the sins of our past if not exorcised, will return to haunt us and him in the twilight of our years.

This is the first page of a STATUTORY DECLARATION made by Dina Brizuela Cooper   "true and accurate in every detail. It accurately depicts the actual sequence of events that led to several forced sexual encounters with the Sultan of Pahang when he was King of Malaysia in the early 1980’s and my resulting pregnancy with his daughter”,  

Please not that it does not only concern the people of Pahang over whom he was the Sultan but also all Malaysians because he was then King over us all. 

More to follow: 

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