Friday, 23 January 2015

How Stupid is Najib?

How stupid is may ask?

Stupid enough to allow Sirul to leave the country! 

Stupid enough to allow Sirul to leave the country and be out of his reach!

Stupid enough to allow Sirul to leave the country, be out of his reach and sing like a canary!

And now that he has been sentenced to death what do you expect Sirul to do? Balek kampong to face a hanging? Huh! Itu lah Najib.......aku panggil engkau bodoh engkau marah pulak!

If Najib had half a brain...maybe that is asking for a bit too much....if Najib had any brains at all, the first executive order he should have given after their acquittal was to make sure that those two killers of Altantuya be "looked after" by PDRM 24/7. And nobody, not the rakyat and not the opposition, will quibble if Sirul had NOT been allowed to leave the country until at least the appeal against their acquittal had been decided upon. If they were freed by the court or sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of Altantuya at least you can still "negotiate" with them for as long as you have them in custody. How can you "negotiate" with Sirul if you cannot squeeze his balls?    

424,653 Malaysians are banned from leaving the country for various reasons and you let this Sirul slip through!

Everything than can be done to embarrass Najib Razak is being done by those who wants him out but the idiot is still clueless as to what is happening around him. dear God why do you test the Malaysian with such an idiot of a Prime Minister?

The last act of the Altantuya drama is playing itself out in a theatre near you. What is left to be done is to drive the last few nails into Najib's coffin and send his grieving widow into exile    via a commercial airline and minus her Hermes handbags - that would be a fate worse than death for her. 

Truly Najiib has perfected stupidity into a sublime art form!

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