Thursday 22 January 2015

cakap cakap...Ahmad Shah, Dina and Carla.

I have long debated within myself the need to revisit the sordid sexual hi jinks of a previous King in the 1980's given the fact that that King is now 84 years old. In fact when I was told last year that the Sultan was over 80 years old the first thing I did was to take down one of my postings about Sultan Ahmad Shah that was not too flattering about his reign as the Pahang Sultan as I felt that he should be left in peace in the twilight of his years. Later I knew that attempts were made to provide for the financial needs of Dina and Carla and I shall elaborate on this later. 

Since then a number of Sultans have emerged that seems to promise a new era of rulers who understand that like politicians, their responsibility is to serve the Rakyat - not themselves. Foremost amongst these rulers is the Sultan of Kelantan - Daulat Tuanku!  

What certainly has not changed, with or without "encouragement" from this Umno led BN government, is the manner in which the Islamic religious authorities at state and federal level, conduct themselves. Time and time again their agenda have been political rather than religious and today, like PDRM, they have become the running dogs of politicians who uses Islam to advance their corrupt and arrogant political dominance over all things Malaysian!

From the ridiculous - snatching the dead from their loved ones, Cadbury, banning and seizing   books and bibles, the Allah issue to turning a blind eye to the bad behaviour of   muslim leaders and sultans who are the head of Islam in their respective states - these Islamic religious authorities are the proverbial Don Quixote - going into battle against imaginary enemies of Islam.

This tale about the Sultan of Pahang, Dina and their daughter Carla is well documented and they are enough paper trials for the authorities (Islamic or government) in Malaysia to follow through if the political will exists to bring the Sultan into accepting his responsibility for a deed done over three decades ago when he was King. 

What I will try to do is to provide those who read what I write with the facts of the case - first the complete Statutory Declaration made by Dina many many years ago and then the subsequent tale since that Statutory Declaration. Their daughter Carla married early this year and as anybody will know, God willing, they should soon be blessed with children. So for Sultan Ahmad Shah his responsibility grows by the day - time will not diminish it. 

There is a lot of work to be done on this if the story is to be told properly - that is why I am doing it over a period of time. While I am in touch with Dina the reality is that she is in America, I am in Melbourne and the story of the Sultan and the Filipino Nurse took place in Kuala Lumpur. So bear with me on this..... I do have a life outside blogging too!