Friday, 16 January 2015

Sultan Ahmad Shah.

  • Cooper Assuncion Deanne HRH wanted himself to grow old graciously at his prime aged of (84), he should be at Peace, living harmonious in his surroundings in an emotional level as well but, 
    "How could he?

    When he himself is acting like a coward under the manipulation of wrong advisors and added with some selfish and arrogant children is indeed, a true conniving situation to make him NOT to meet a contrite, truthful, remorseful & repentant person, based of all his wrongdoings he made as far as we're concerned.
    There is NO TRANSPARENCY to begin with... 
    Monetary and Materials are not the ONLY answer to find Peace in this world
    Afterall, you cannot present all of these things to the Almighty in the hereafter, as exchange of the suffering and pain of a person.
    Buying the silence and Obligations are total different way to purify and sealed ourselves out of our transgressions from the past.

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