Friday 9 January 2015

cakap cakap...what will you do of life and with your life?

The human race - that's you and me - are capable of infinite and wondrous possibilities. There are amongst us those who will take food from a starving child to feed themselves, those who think nothing of eating the brains of a monkey while it still lives, a fish while it still breathes while others can look without empathy and sympathy at the sufferings of his own kind and be blind to the misery and sufferings they inflict upon others by what they do. 

And yet there are amongst us those that will put their own lives at risks to save others in far and distant land as we now see of those doctors and carers who are in Africa battling Ebola. 

We see others battling against overwhelming odds to try and save a single human life putting at risks their own and we are often ourselves the witness to human kindness towards strangers and anyone of need. ...and when it moves us, we ourself will accept the maxim that we are our brother's and sister's keepers and do our duty to care for  those in need.

You and me are part of this wondrous mass of contradictions. Where we put ourselves and how we make our way through our time as a integral part of this human race is  our choice. There will be rivers to cross, mountains to climb, decisions to be made and many many things to consider but ultimately the decision to do good or evil, to act positively or otherwise and make life choices is yours and yours alone. 

What will you do of life and with your life?

Worry not too much about others or about the state of our nation or that of the world around you. Make good of your own life and the rest will find their balance around you. 

If you chose today to go to Africa and do what you can to help the poor, the sick, the starving children and the aged who cannot tend to themselves then you will find that there are many who will help you make that choice become a reality. 

If you decide that burning bibles and the acquisition of material wealth is your thing in life - again there will be others to join you in that tasks with gusto and vim. The essential ingredient is you! 

So what will you do? 

The state of our nation today is a manifestation of what you as an individual has decided to do about all that is going on around you. If the police are no longer concern about your security and your safety, if the civil service no longer serves you, if the AG acts for the interest of his political masters, if the function of government to day has become corrupt and irrevocably tainted by the demands of those who wield political power to serve their own interest - then all this is a function of your malaise and failure to do something about it. You are responsible for the state of our nation today because you are either part of the madness or you chose to do nothing.

We no longer trust those who are charged with taking care of our security and safety while those whose duty is to care for our health and well being are either beyond our financial means to see or grossly over worked and are still out of our reach even if they are in government hospitals. 

We despair for the next generation for we know that what education they have had and the society that they have lived in will be of no help to make them into responsible and decent human beings...what more citizens of a nation that is despeartely in need of their help to change. There is no Mandela, no Ghandi no Sui Kyi amongst our midst today...and sadly not even a Tunku, a Tun Razak or Tun Hussein within the ranks of our politicial elites. 

What we have are too many Mahathirs and too many Najibs! 

What of those who are doing what they can to change our nation for the better? 

These people are few in numbers. 

I can see none of them within the ranks of politics, government or business. True amongst politicians there are pretenders to the throne, young upstarts that seek personal glory and individuals in public office who profess to be so inclined but in reality they reek of corruption and deceit. 

Malaysia has become a nation where its Rakyat will have to step up and tell those that governed them that we the Rakyat will not be still while our nation bleeds. The stirring of the  people against a government that has fail it's most basic function - to ensure the safety and security of its people and provide adequate health care for those in need and the aged - started many years back.

It started at a time when dissent was punished by the heavy hand of a BN government that had the ISA and the OSA and various other constitutional means that allowed it to arrest and incarcerate its own Rakyat at will. Today dissent is a badge of courage that every Malaysian is proud to wear. Today dissent is respected by many and increasingly becoming a means for the Rakyat to show their disgust  at how those in public service conduct themselves in the process of government. Predictable the government and opposition are supportive of the rakyat in their efforts to demonstrate dissent  but only if it serves their purpose but by and large dissent is the weapon of choice adopted by the rakyat for their own purpose and towards their own ends - good governance. 

Long live dissent.              

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