Friday 30 January 2015

My Mother, My Life.

This morning a cousin tagged me onto a posting she made on her FB. 
I clicked on the 'see post' space and it took me to this image: 

This lady is Zaharah beloved late mother and that kid with her, hands in his pockets staring into the lens, is me. 

My heart skipped a beat, my eyes grew moist at the memory of her and my heart flew across all those years that have passed back to those days when my world and that of my father revolved around her. 

What would I give to know her thoughts then.
That whimsical smile is my mother.
That is she as I remember her.

Today my daughter Terrina is older then my mother was in that photo. 

My grand daughters Isabel and Sofie are older now than I was then.

I felt privilege that I could look into the past, see my mother and me then and have the life that I have now. 

All this coming together this morning,
 when I peer into the past,
 to the time when that photo of me and my mother was taken. 

Life is good.   

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