Saturday 31 January 2015

cakap cakap....pagi sabtu.

Another week is almost over.....and it has been tennis, tennis and more tennis here in Melbourne given that the Australian Open is in full swing. The prize money for the Ladies and Men's singles champion is AUD 3.1 million each! Bouchard the Canadian girl is worth AUD86 million (yes eighty six million!) and she has yet to win any major title yet ! Good looks and a winning personality does wonders to her bank balance though she does play tennis quiet well too. I wonder how our Nicole David compares with these tennis pro though from reports coming out of KL it would seems that those badminton guys are not doing too badly themselves. Sports millionaires are a dime a dozen these days!

A nagging thought that has followed me through the week is Anwar's pending incarceration. There is just something that is not right about it all. It simply is worrying us all when our legal system is not being seen as doing the right thing by us all. We are all too familiar with the AG's dog like devotion to his political master but when Judges too are suspect, then the legal system becomes a liability to justice, decency and democracy. Our legal system have done wrong too many times in the eyes of the rakyat that it deserves nothing less than a through over haul at all levels if it is ever to regain the respect of the rakyat again. This is something I doubt we will see in as long as Barisan Nasional retains government.

The MIC are back in the news - again, as always for the wrong reasons. The usual suspects quarrelling about posts in MIC, a hunger strike (to the death?) for cause and issues which really does not warrant any strike of any sort - what more a hunger one, and a gun toting deputy Minister too! Have gun will travel! Can you imagine what sort of mentality this deputy minister has to want to carry a gun when he is going about doing his business in government? May the lord teach him a lesson by blasting his balls away one of these days when that gun is accidentally discharged! Not his feet but his balls. Why? Because it hurts more and will put the fear of God into him once and for all - and hopefully make him forsake the fire arm.

1MDB to borrow money from Ananda to pay of the banks? I have just one question on this arrangement - WHAT IS THE TRADE OFF? What else can this BN government gadai to pay of Ananda for this generous offer? What other mega projects will Ananda be given on terms and conditions we will never be privy to? 

Razak Baginda tells us that he is angry that people are still speculating about the murder of Altantuya. My dear Razak be thankful that you can still be angry. That is something that Altantuya can no longer do! 

If her death is a "just a straightforward murder case" what is your case? A "straightforward" married Muslim man who fornicated outside marriage and made RM500 million selling Submarines to the Malaysian government and then "straightforward" fled overseas because you are a "straightforward" coward unable to face the anger of the Malaysian public like the "straightforward" man that you are certainly not? You cheat on your wife, you cheat the people of Malaysia and then you ran away with the profits of your cheating! To me you are a "straightforward" low life - a rich low life but a low life nevertheless.

Its already 9 on a Saturday morning and I must not let my rantings spoil my weekend. Cappuchino and toast with butter and jam beckons. No nasi lemak or roti canai for breakfast but I will be having rice and ayam goreng for lunch! Have a nice weekend. I know I will!    

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