Sunday 20 November 2016

Quickies : Najib ada tolo atau tak de?

steadyaku47 comment : My niece sent me this just a few minutes ago. She is having breakfast at Kaki Bkt Larut with her "old man/better half" be the judge if her "old man" Syed got it right when he said "kalau tak de tolo baru boleh panggil Roti Najib!". Say share aja......jangan marah kak rosmah! 

This is Roti Jantan at kaki Bkt Larut. I guess it is called Roti Jantan as it has 2 tolo. Lol! Syed cakap kalau tak de tolo baru boleh panggil Roti Najib. Wakakaka....

I am sure you would agree with me Tok Uncle Hussein Abdul Hamid?

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