Tuesday 22 November 2016

cakap cakap...Coming Death!

How many of you have been in a situation where, whether by design, default or with the intent to deceive, you do something very wrong? And then having realized that what you do is very wrong, you wait to be found out, shamed and punished? 

I have been in that situation many times. 

You experience it when you have committed a minor traffic infringement and the mata mata has stopped you and is now walking towards your car to take you to task for what you have done....aiyah banyak susah ma! 

You experience it when you go to attend your son or daughter graduation in Melbourne and you have brought them their favorite food - Ikan Masin Tenggiri - and you have wrapped it up well in thick plastic and hidden it among your clothes to escape detection by Customs at Tullamarine Airport Melbourne because you know it is a prohibited item to bring into Australia. Unfortunately, the sniffer dogs have detected your foul deed  and the Custom have pulled you over for a 100% check - and you have ticked "No Food" in the declaration forms for Customs and you know you will be found out....die lah!

And for some, you experience it when you tell your wife that you have been working late at the office and she had called the office to confirm...found you missing...and called you on your mobile to tell you to "get home now!"....and even if you have just been out just for drinks with friends and nothing more...the thought in your head as you drive home to meet your wife is not a pleasant one....quite like coming death!

In all these situations...your heart beat loudly in panic until it deafens you. Sweaty palms? That is nothing lah. Try sweating bucket loads of nervous sweat....we all have been there before...some more than others.

Every day must be hell for Najib Razak to know that there are many many ways, his past and present will catch up with him ....not if but when. 

Najib is constantly on tenterhooks. He is frightened that someone in the past that was privy to his deeds and questionable exploits, will expose what they know about what he did. Expose his scams, lies and wrongdoings. He is always looking over his shoulders to see who will stab him in the back despite being paid off for keeping quiet. The nervous waiting for his mobile to ring, for a knock on the door from a bearer of ill tidings. 

Maybe his DPM has decided that it is his time to make his move for the top post and that knock on Najib's door is a sahabat of the DPM coming to tell him that Zahid has got the numbers in the MKT to oust him....and that it would be better for Najib to make a "graceful exit" rather than be pushed out ala Musa Hitam, Anwar Ibrahim, Ghaffar Baba and even Pak Lah. 

Maybe there is another damming bit of data, information or toxic documents and proof that has been uncovered by WSJ, by DOJ, by Sarawak Report...even maybe even by Mahathir or Mahyuddin, that will seal his fate and cause his downfall. 

Or maybe the new IGP has sent his officers down to Seri Perdana to  "escort" Najib to Bukit Aman because the Police want's to talk to to him not at Seri Perdana or at the PMO....but at Bukit Aman asap. 

He knows all this will happen and yet there is no way out for him for what he has done is not in error, not a mistake but an abuse of public office for personal gain. There are not many billionaires leaders in the free world...except maybe Trump. But what Najib has done is not only criminal but borders on treason to King, Country, and Malaysians. Tiada maaf bagi mu.   
Today he is already cowering in the hole he dug for himself to hide from those who are seeking him out to make him take responsibility for what he has done. He can try and dig deeper into the hole but the danger of the hole collapsing is not a matter of if but when, and when it collapse upon him, he will be buried alive.

All this is being played out today in the public domain. He cannot escape. In Peru, maybe for just a moment, he is standing by himself and the camera man is there to record the occasion and the caption reads "ostracised"....the PM no other leaders wants to be seen with!

His wife takes a photo opportunity with other first ladies...and she is lampoon for wearing pajamas and her height ridiculed.


The pressure on Najib must be relentless and unending....surely even in his sleep, he is kept awake. 

He cannot crawl under the tempurung to hide....there is no tempurung big enough for him to fit under.

Hidup segan, mati tak mau....and so many sharks within and without of Umno, circling around him waiting for his political demise because Najib's demise is their "durian runtoh".

When he is drowning...who will throw him a lifeline?

Zahid Hamidi? Huh...he has been dreaming of how to make just that happen from the day he became DPM.

Mahyuddin and Mahathir? Huh....Najib will have more chance of Rosmah growing another two feet and slimming down.

There are more sharks In Cabinet than anywhere else. Najib is aware of that, for they, more than anyone else, can make or break him. Can continue to give him the perks of office.... private jets, bodyguards and looking the other way while he enriches himself and them in a "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" ....tit for tat.

What about those in Umno who are supporting him? Remember Mahyuddin? Amazing what a few months can do to a politician.


This I know about Najib Tun Razak. He is no Anwar Ibrahim. No Mahathir and certainly no Mahyuddin.....all of them no stranger to "making their bed and lying in them"....and able to deal with the trials and tribulations that come's with being a man of substance when the chips are all down. 

All that Najib has going for him is that Flying Hippo of a wife......and she forgets that her strength comes from Najib's position as President of Umno and PM of Malaysia. Without Najib she is an old overweight bitch despised and hated by so many of us for the arrogance and conceit she has shown to us as wife of the PM.  She too is now flying through rough weather and has been considerably wounded and weaken by the flak coming her way!


And today I saw this image of Tun and his wife sitting by the roadside showing their solidarity with Malaysians who are united in wanting Maria Chin freed from detention.

Tabek Tun and Tabek to your wife too. Tun bukan aja dah turun padang to join us all in our fight against the corrupt Najib and Umno....but Tun your cakap is serupa as your bikin. 

How long more we have to endure Najib and Umno is for you to decide. The winds of change have swept through many parts of the world. The Middle East, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and even America. Najib bukan aja dah goyang....dia dah dekat nak tumbang! Together we can make that happen sooner rather than the very near future rather than wait for the next election. Until then....Lawan Mesti Lawan!


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