Tuesday 29 November 2016

Najib, let ME be clear!

steadyaku47 comment:

Najib......Let ME be clear!

I make no apologies for calling you a thief, a robber, a liar.  If good manners had not deserted me, I would have stopped there, but good manners I do not I will continue.

You also possess within your pudgy plump effeminate self, all the worst attributes that I  could wish upon my worst enemy.

You have the inability to recognize when all the stars are aligned against you and when all the odds are in favor of your nemesis (Mahathir, Anwar and Mahyuddin). It is to the advantage of your nemesis that you are blessed with the arrogance to think that you will persevere against all these odds. Politically, you are a Buffon like Idi Amin, clueless of your people's contempt for what you have done to them and their country in the name of government ala Marcos. You are laughed at and is the subject of ridicule and much amusement by your own party, partners and cabinet much like Jacob Zuma is, in South Africa today.

All that considered, let me remind you all that it is darkest before the dawn...and for the people of this nation, surely it cannot get more worst that it is for them today.

Surely there cannot be more corruption than what our nation has already endured under Najib Razak? Corruption that has seen billions flow through his and his cohorts personal bank accounts. Corruption that has made the Attorney General, the IGP and so many other "dedak" followers of Najib not only unashamedly corrupt to the core, but they also are now the subject of ridicule and contempt by Malaysians everywhere!

Najib, surely you are not waiting for more donation coming your way from China? What China will give you China will take back many times over from our country and from our  people.....but what do you care just as long as your "donation" is forthcoming!

What more does Felda have to endure?

You think your children do not know what you and your wife do?

You think your mother, your brothers and those related to you are not aware of what you do?

Your cabinet?

Umno and your BN partners?

They laugh behind your back and yet their own greed makes them slaves to the dedak you throw their way.....and as you know....always they want more! More and more dedak!

I do not know if the last nail is being nailed into your coffin. I am not even sure if you have played out all the cards you have in your hand. I know the fat lady is around but whether she has started singing her final aria is still unclear....but you know in your hearts of hearts that something has got to give. 

Maybe China is the last card up your sleeves...not to save you politically...but to give you that breathing space required before you walk the plank. All China can do is give you some time...nothing more. China cannot save you. China cannot revive you ...for China think's first of itself and of others only if others can be of use to them.

But a man in your position are not spoiled for take whatever lifeline is being thrown to you and it will only be a matter of time before this China gambit will become of no use to you because no donation will come your way quick enough to save you before the next general election. 

China's usefullness to you will disappear even quicker that what playing golf with Obama had proven to be of no use to you when the US Department of Justice went after you, Rosmah and that "anak" of yours. 

Najib do you think you can make the US and China your saviour? These nations will not even throw you bones the moment you no longer serve their geo political purpose in and around this part of the world.   

The world already knows of your colorful, laughable and odious ascend to be the first billionaire prime minister of Malaysia. 

The world already knows of the billions that has been documented passing in and out of financial institutions around the world only to flow into your personal bank accounts.

The world knows what we Malaysians already know many years back....we have a corrupt leader. 

Najib....the end is nigh. Watch your back in Putrajaya. Watch your back in your back anywhere you go! Your political demise is assured...what is not certain is how and when it will end....and that is the subject that not only we are pondering, but you can be assured that those within Umno and BN are, at this very moment, planning to make happen in the immediate future.    

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