Thursday 24 November 2016

Shamsuddin Abdul Rahman : Paints for Scrap.

Shamsuddin Paints For he tells me! He is one of in and day out he paints to try and make a you all go to work, where ever it is that you work, whatever it is that you also earn a living. He has, in his own words..."not been so wise in decision making" many of us have been wise in that...but he tells me that he has "Been painting fulltime since 13".....and that is a lot of years ....but who cares when you are doing something you like!

I got to know Din (yes I am calling hin "Din") through Vincent The sky Watcher..another one of us who watches the Sky and share with us, through his pictures, the work of God....and both Din and Vincent are doing what they want to do. Me? Two things I really want to do...write songs and can do either I write instead! Such is life.    

Let me share with you my conversation with Din this afternoon...I started by telling DIn that, with his permission, I wanted to tell you guys about his work....his art work.....and for starters I, I should say I "steadyaku47" masthead with one of his painting ...hence the change. Hope you guys approve. 

Please do check out his FB page Shamasuddin Abdul Rahman  and do have a look at what he has there in terms of his work....and jangan lupa beli yang mana you suka so that his words again... he "can concentrate on painting without having to worry bout marketing."....can any of you guys make that possible? Please....


  • Shamsuddin Abdul Rahman
    Great, lemme type a few intro words in
    Shamsuddin Abdul Rahman 26 January 1966 Born in Perlis Grew up in one lane village, surrounded with Padi fields
    Walked the 4 km to and from school, in primary school, poverty sucks haha
    In 1985, got accepted at the California state university , long beach
    Few semesters later, dropped out, not so wise in decision making
    Stayed over for the next 10 years
    Attended , repeated the art 101 class, closest thing I ever got to formal art education
    Came back in 85, no degree, predicting gloomy life, and prediction came through haha
    Went to Kl, get acquainted with the artists at the central market
    97, 98, lived at the Angkatan Pelukih semalaysia , studio cum gallery, saw first hand artists at work
    2004, 05...stayed with the artist at the conlay art colony, at the kompleks kraftangan
    Impressed with maamor Jantan watercolor
    Started painting fulltime after serious hospitalization due to diabetes
    Featured once on tv1, featuring my watercolor
    Been painting fulltime since 13
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid
    do you have catalogues of your work...or a portfolio so that people can know your range of work?
  • Shamsuddin Abdul Rahman
    Shamsuddin Abdul Rahman
    That's bout it
    No good at write up
    You can check my fb page, I put everything there
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Ok that is enough for now...banyak kerja for me malam ni...
  • Shamsuddin Abdul Rahman
    Shamsuddin Abdul Rahman
    Done some large oil works too
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
  • Shamsuddin Abdul Rahman
    Shamsuddin Abdul Rahman
    Can concentrate on painting without having to worry bout marketing
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid
    salam kembali

    Note : And "YES" Shamsuddin has serious issues with his the less marketing he does the better! So please friends, go take a look at what he has on his FB page and let us do the marketing for him...can or not?

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