Sunday 20 November 2016

Tunku Abdul Aziz : Dick Head!

I copied Tunku Abdul Aziz posting in his FB page below.

"Tunku Abdul Aziz says:
I have watched with growing alarm Mahathir's behaviour which borders on the treasonable. As a Malay I should like to place on record my objection to his remains being interred in the National Heroes' Cemetery. Mahathir is a traitor plain and simple.
YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman, Father of Independence, was buried at Langgar outside Alor Setar and that has not diminished his stature."

I would like to sincerely say this:
Mahathir tak pernah menyatakan tubuhnya perlu dikebumikan diKubur Pahlawan. Dia tak minta pun dirinya dikenang.
But if no one else in the whole world wants to take his body, I WILL!
I am sure millions of others will too.

steadyaku47 comment : Saudara Sopian Ahmad is a gentleman of the old school. Upright, cultivated and a man with impeachable manners honed from a lifetime of work at the highest level in the diplomatic corps serving our nation in foreign lands. 

On the other hand, I am everything Saudara Sopian is allow me to deal with this Tunku Abdul Aziz in the manner one should do with a pariah who lacks the ability to understand that good decent people do NOT comment on matters that does not concern them.

For me, Tunku Abdul Aziz is a dick head.


Australian SlangAustralian Slang
1. stupid, annoying, horrible person; jerk: "I couldn't care less what all the dickheads up the pub reckon"; 2. stupid; foolish; befitting a dick-head: "It was a dickhead thing to do"; "You dick-headed nob"

See also: Mac 10 , K-one-w-one , , D-Town , NFI

What posses this dick-head to venture an opinion as to where Tun Dr Mahathir, or for that matter any one, should or should not be buried?

What about you dick head? Would you like anyone to decide where YOU should or could be buried? Or maybe some Mufti can make a fatwa as to whether you should be buried at all after you kick the bucket!

Aziz, sit back and examine what you have become in the last few years. Look no further than the AG and the IGP for some pointers. And some free advice from me : If you can shove your head up your arse, then your brains will be in familiar territory...where the sun does not shine!

By all means, go make a fool of yourself by parroting the drivel that is being fed to you by Najib with the dedak you are already gouging upon....but do not go into an area where Mahathir can have you for breakfast.....though I am inclined to think that Mahathir will choke on you because you are too full of shit.

Remember this?

IF YOU LOOK LIKE SHIT, SMELLS LIKE SHIT AND TASTE LIKE SHIT ...then Aziz, you are probably shit too!

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