Wednesday 23 November 2016

Little Ipoh Curry Puff Pusing.

In my wanderings in and around Melbourne, every time I pass this place in La Trobe Street call "Little Ipoh" I always smile as that phrase..... "Ipoh mari"..... flashes through my mind. Always I make a mental note to myself that I must stop by at that place and see what they have on offer....and always I don't....for you see my wife's dementia now means that I no longer eat most, I do takeaways and bring home the food to have with her.

Today I did see the posting below on the Net and again made a mental note about the "curry pusing".......I say man this is not any ordinary curry puff....I can still remember the crunchy  crumbling of the curry puff many layers of crispy skin as you take a bite into it....and I have yet to see curry puff pusing anywhere in the places I have lived in Australia...and that includes Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and now Melbourne.....but not any more...have no fear curry puff pusing is here in Melbourne at Little Ipoh.

And then late afternoon today, I got a note from my neice, Roslinah, in KL :

"Owner Raja Yasmin Abdul and I went to the same preparatory college before we went to US to study. She later went to Melbourne to do her PhD and opened Little Ipoh with her husband. Kalau rindu masakan Melayu, you can visit her place". 

Talk about coincidence.... so now I will go and try the curry puff pusing and report back to Roslinah......can even get it frozen and fry it at home! Just one says "homemade karipap pusing (swirly curry puff) in the making" have to find out when they will start having them....anybody knows?  

Little Ipoh homemade karipap pusing (swirly curry puff) in the making. Have them crisply cooked or take away frozen....yumehhhhh!

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