Wednesday 30 November 2016

The Latest From Felda : Tan Sri Isa (Felda) Boxing Academy.

This must be one of the most interesting follies adopted by FELDA’s leadership.

After the failures of LiDAR, Sturgeon Fish Farm, Savaro restaurant, Schneeballen Pastries and added with FGV Stock losses now the chairman has launched the “Tan Sri Isa (Felda) Boxing Academy in Serting Hilir which he officially opened today, 29.11.2016 with the aims to deliver a knockout blow for the gentler sex in its bid to produce a Felda women's boxing team to represent the country.

FELDA now has a boxing academy for women!

I have nothing against women boxing.

I thought FELDA too has nothing to do with women boxing!

steadyaku47 comment : As this nation of ours sink lower and lower into the realms of those Tin Pot Alley African Failed States.....and as we endure the ridicule of nations privy to the kleptocratic inclinations of our Bugis Warrior and his bitch/witch (whichever is more appropriate) of a wife........ the audacity of these recycled Umno criminals simply defies description. 

Isa opening up “Tan Sri Isa (Felda) Boxing Academy in Serting Hilir in a bid to produce a Felda women's boxing team to represent the country..... aisehman is this for real?

Are they going to box in their Hijabs? Which Felda parents is going to allow their daughter to box? Who will train them? Another Muslim Hijab wearing trainer? Is there one Muslim Hijab Wearing Trainer anywhere in the world? Is boxing Halal? Is boxing with a non-Muslim allowed by the Muftis? So many questions which I am sure this Isa must have looked into and found answers to before he officially opened the Academy hell he did!

Good luck to you Isa...but here is the question I would really like to ask Isa : Where is the dedak coming from and how much is coming your way?     

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