Wednesday 23 November 2016

Yesterday in Malaysia....Hudud.

Summary of Zahid Hamidi's Meeting with Muslim MPs On Nov 22, 2016

1. The meeting of the Muslim MPs and Zahid Hamidi (DPM) and Jamil Khir (PMO - Islam) focused on Hadi's Private Member's Bill (RUU 355) or the Hudud Bill.

2. Many opposition Muslim MPs (excluding PAS) did not agree with the no limit of sentencing in Hadi's bill. Appears to be the only issue brought up. Jamil Khir said that the Govt agreed that there must be a limit.

3. Jamil Khir welcomed views to have fines limited up to max RM100k, max 100 lashes and max 30 years imprisonment.

4. So PAS' Hadi will incorporate these views when he presents his amendment on Thursday.

5. Will it be debated? No. There will be no debate on it, i.e., there will be no voting as well. The meeting did not say whether the amendment of the bill will be led by the UMNO-led Govt or Hadi himself. What we know so far is that the Hudud Bill will definitely be brought up this week. But "akan dipinda dulu" to iron out issues. That means, the DEBATE IS EXPECTED IN THE NEXT SITTING!!

6. Both Sabah and Sarawak Muslim MPs informed that they have instructions from their respective states NOT to support the bill.

7. The Muslim MPs think that non-Muslim MPs should be invited for discussion. There will be another meeting that includes non Muslim MPS, Zahid says. He will bring up to cabinet to set up a Select Committee to explain to non-Muslim MPs. Once PM is back, he will raise this in Cabinet, most probably this Friday.

8. *Conclusion*: Bottom line is that *Hadi will be allowed to present his Private Member’s bill, but the Hudud Bill won't be tabled at this Parliamentary Sitting but at the next Sitting*. Jamil Khir agreed to announce the proposal for the formation of a Select Committee on the amendment to RUU 355, to study the entire thing and it will include non-Muslim MPs

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