Saturday 26 November 2016

This Cina Apek speaks Malay better than most Malays in Umno! And with more sense too!

Watch, listen and learn....hopefully lessons learned here will make Malaysia a better nation than what it is now.

Comment :
Amin Zaid Zulkifli anak beliau, Tuan Lee Hsien Loong pun masih fasih berbahasa Melayu, cari saja di Youtube, Ucapan Hari Kebangsaan Singapura oleh beliau.....

Tan Yew Lay
Tan Yew Lay U r spot on, Pak Sien.

Barney Muthu
Barney Muthu UMNO leaders are nothing compared to the late LKY. A good orator , excellent leadership quality, vision for the future and most of all self respect and integrity. He made a small Island with no resources into a leading port city and out standing rich modern country. We had everything but now left with RM600 billion debt and a failed 1MDB . BN= Bangsatkan Negara.

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