Friday 25 November 2016

cakap cakap...Hudud.

In the best of school, at home and in the quiet times when I become introspective of the things that matter's to me personally...religion has always been a very personal issue. No one...not those whose are paid to instruct me in religion at school nor those who take it upon themselves to do same....has ever been able to make me accept what my mind cannot. My parents, bless them, taught me religion by doing. All the good that religion can do to and for us, I see my parents do and by their doing, I saw how our lives can be better for religion....but from the time I could think for myself, they left me to decide for myself what I will or will not do in matters of religion. Right or wrong that has been my life then and now. 

I will be damm if I will let politicians run my life in these matters. I will be damm if I allow corrupt, self-serving, self-centered, greedy idiots who have the numbers in parliament, tell me hudud is this or hudud is that....and I will be double dammed if I will allow Jakim, Jawi or any other "religious authority" tell me that religion is this or religion is that because what I do, what I believe in and how I live my life is for me to decide. At almost 70, life is good without Jawi, Jakim or those bloody corrupt, self-serving, self-centered greedy idiots in parliament telling me how to live it in order to serve their own political agendas.

And so today, when there is any statement by PAS, by Hadi or any other politician who set forth to tell us why hudud should be this or that, I do not trouble myself with those few minutes that it would take to read those statements. I do not understand what Hudud is, what it entails and what the ramifications of imposing hudud laws would have on us does not bother me, it does not concern me....and I will never allow it to have any bearing on the way I live my life. This is one of the reasons I live in Australia. No hudud, No possibility of hudud being a concern as to how I should or should not live my life....and like in the past, there is no need for me to know or understand about hudud. 

Then why do I post articles about hudud in this blog? 

I do so because those who stop by to read this blog do want to read about issues surrounding hudud form time to time...and the articles that I post do not discuss or try to explain what hudud is or is not. These articles merely inform us about what is going on around hudud.    

This is an attempt at clarity. We are all entitled to our opinion on hudud...this is mine. End of story.

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