Sunday 20 November 2016

cakap cakap.....That Tweet of a PIG.

Malaysia Chroncile (bless their hearts!) posted my article "The continuing saga of Istana Mantin"  about that Tweet of an IGP and his Mansion. Sharing with you guys the comments posted in response to the article. Ini bukan saya syiok sendiri...just giving these guys their say on that Tweet PIG!

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Yeok Fong Yong
Aiya, you guys got it wrong about Khalid. This house is donation from the same Saudi King that so generously donated RM2.6b TO Najis mah! Same reason lah, fight local ISIS. You don't belive me, ask the Saudi King...He is dead already? No worry lah, Deputy Prime Minister, Zahid Hamidi knows how to find him...he did before...hehehe
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Santinel Kops
Not only that, he already returned part of the house that he didn't use to the Saudi King too. He only rent a room now in the house.
Of course our DPM know how to find the Saudi King, just knock on the master bedroom loh.
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Kenneth Tan
Hardly surprising, bet this is just the tip of the iceberg. Bet almost every Umno division chief lives in a palace, hence they support their comrade-in-thief. A thief loyal to another thief, they rise together and fall together. Politics of $$$$, dishonesty and criminality. The heart and soul of Umno.
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Edwin Siripala ·

It involves a special educational skill only available to Bumis in UMNO at The UMNAZIO School of Business. ........and I used to wonder how these unintelligent vermins lead such cushy lifestyles. So they fed each other with bribery, awarded multiple contracts for themselves and their families even if they had no clue as to the work or rented out the business license to others + percentage.
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Kenneth Tan
Edwin Siripala Perhaps opposition members who operate drones could take pictures of Umno chiefs and leaders' palaces and put them on the internet for all Malaysians to see? It could remove any remaining doubt about this most corrupt thieving regime.
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Bangsa Johor ·

MACC , the Twitter King pun sama kebas duit bina rumah ini..bila nak saman masuk lokap???? Rakyat must demand for immediate investigation..shame on PDRM if this is true. Cops all over the country must take this seriously and demand and explanation from the Twitter King
Tony Suppiah ·

How do you expect corrupted cops to question their corrupted chief.?They jion the police force to make money.
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Bangsa Johor ·

Time to check on Apandi, and Hassan PAC cari makan punya rumah also..time to expose the corrupted bastards who have been stealing duit rakyat.
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Stephen King
Yes , where is all these civil servant got so much money ? MACC must really do their jobs and we really want to find out they are capable or not ?
Santinel Kops
MACC is definitely doing their job..building palaces for the corrupted mah, isn't that their job?
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George Varughese ·

All these hypocrites made a big "hoo-ha" over LGE's modest bungalow ! Will the same MACC apply the same law to IGP ?
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Aziz Mohd Isa ·

too bad he didn't use his bazooka to shoot down the helicopter
Thomas Markyn ·

A letter from George Orwell's Animal Farm to steadyaku.....

Ayy ayy, bruder,,,apa ini semua? I am the PIG you tahu? Gua bolh lokap sama lu anytime. Cakap bukan bukan....Itu gua punya paymaster lu yangan kasi iinsult insult OK? I am his loyal and ever faithful PIG. Yangan sekalipun buat maciam maciam cerita my boss, lord and master is trying to get rid of me. I am lock stock and barrel a loyal PIG to my master. I have donkey stuff to keep him going, how can he possibly plot my topple. I have enough evidence of his shit to put him away for good. But I am loyal and faithful PIG to a baboon. A Big Bad Brown Baboon, no doubt.

Yet again, itu goddamn RM5.5 million bangelo is wrongly quoted in pricing. The animal farm is populated by Buta Kira bangsat. Termasuk all furnitures, fittings and fixtures, including imported Italian marble, semua kaotim correct pricing is RM11.5 million laa,,,bodoh lu semua olang tak boleh kira baik baik ahh? Even the water faucet imported from Great Britain itself is RM20K. I being the PIG tak payah kutip satu sen pun from my paymaster. My macai macai who do all the casino, ekor haram, red light district prostitution, human trafficking dan lain lain help settle laa,,,bodoh.

You cannot call me a dumb and stupid PIG, George Orwell nanti talak suka.....the PIG in George Orwell's novel is a smart entrepreunerial animal. Jadi, yangan main main sama gua....nanti gua send in my clowns to take you down and your weblog boleh tutup kedai kaw-kaw. Read my lips betui betui...bruder. I am a PIG you mest ingat baik baik. And I am a Melayu. Are you jealous a Melayu like me, the PIG, can profit at his own blood, sweat and tears. I am PIG but you are pigheaded, notice the vast difference, get that straight into your numbskull, wilya?


THE PIG of George Orwell's Animal Farm

PS...This reply is sanctioned by the late George Orwell from the grave, obviously miffed and pissed by steadyaku's insinuations.
Liew Wf
Remember? The FISH rots begin from its HEAD!!!!!!!!! So the crumbs go to the TAIL. This is Leadership by following BAD Examples............?
Pop Ice ·

and every Friday he bugger goes to masjid to sembayang.....
Walter Alkaline
What about AG Apandi home, can anybody expose it?
Azmee B A Bakar ·

Coming soon...
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Lee Patrick ·

MACC please investigate! Don't wait.
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Ricky Chan
Aiyayaya, busted ya, judging from the bohsia attitude?
Gan Sg Kg
Does this palace have a swimming pool?
David Campbell ·

This IGP moron is not that stupid after all.

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