Sunday 20 November 2016

The Morning After Bersih 5....

The Baju Merah/Dato Jamban story

For some, social media can be a bitch. For Jamal Jamban it already is! 

He is still reeling from the after effects of getting a bloody nose from the Polis, from Zuraidah, from "budak Zuraidah"....and from persons unknown....but for the dedak to keep rolling his way, the Baju Merah show has to go on.  

Jamal Jamban on the number of Red Shirts he will roll out to outgun Bersih 5 :"yang sudah ada namanya yang tersenarai kapada kami 300,000 orang di kuala lumpur"

Yes 300,000 Baju Merah, according to Dato Jamban were ready to rumble on Bersih 5 day...
"di mana Bersih berhimpun di situ kami akan berhimpun".... 

Truth, they say, is sometimes stranger than fiction. 

The 300,000 Baju Merah list exists only for the purpose of this Dato Jamban getting his "allocation" or "donation" from the "mother of all donation takers" aka Najib Razak. I can just picture this Dato Jamban showing a gullible Najib Razak the "list of 300,000 Baju Merah" ready to rumble on Bersih 5 day....and that "list of 300,000 Baju Merah" should net that Dato Jamban a few million ringgits in "peruntukan"......  

Peruntukan di perlu untuk transport, makanan, logistics...etc etc for one baju merah at Bersih 5 = RM 10 x 300,000 = Tiga Million. Woo Ha itu banyak punya dedak! All to be made available to Dato Jamban before the Bersih 5 what does he care if he is arrested before the day of the event? Money already in the Bank ma!

As far as the Baju Merah are Dato Jamban means no makan, no petrol dedak! So why turn up for Bersih 5? So no 300,000!  

Totally and comprehensively outnumbered, ignored, with their tail between their legs, dejected, demeaned, detested, weakened by that self-inflicted addiction to dedak, the Red Shirts is the quintessential proof of that much used adage that  "the proof of the pudding is in it's eating".

And for the Baju Merah...what happened at Bersih 5 damms them. Sekarang hidup segan mati tak mau!

Now on to Bersih 5 side of the equation. 

Maria Chin and Mandeep Singh arrested? 

That is the very reason why many many other Malaysians decided, at the last minute, to join Bersih 5 to register their protest at their arrest by this corrupt Umno led BN government! I suspect that Mahathir might even have arranged for Maria and Sandeep to be arrested to boost the numbers for Bersih 5! Just a suspicion lah! They say the Good Doctor is capable of just about anything! 

Maria Chin not around? 

There is an embarrassment of other leaders already in place to make Bersih 5 the success it was....Ambiga, Sivarasa Rasiah, Lim Guan Eng, Mahfuz, Azizah, Nurul Izzah, Tun Dr Mahathir, Tan Sri Mahyuddin, Lim Kit Siang, Marina Mahathir...the list goes on and on and on.....and do not forget Brother Anwar who, I know, was there in spirit!


Home duties kept me away from Bersih 5 at Federation Square in Melbourne but you be the judge if Bersih 5 missed me at all! Praveen and his boys and girls did themselves proud! Syabas brother!

KS Tham reports that all is well with Bersih 5 in Hamburg.

And reports from all over the globe is coming in all the time...all is good, all is well....dissent against this Umno led BN government is robust, alive and well!

It's Sunday. For all my friends in Bersih 5....enjoy what is left of the weekend. 

For the Baju Merah.....the beggining of your end starts with Bersih 5.

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