Friday 25 November 2016

YB WONG CHEN : Hudud...all of us are now on full alert!

From YB Wong Chen, MP for Kelana Jaya facebook:

Good morning from Parliament. This morning Hadi Awang's hudud bill has been further pushed down to no.15 from no.9. However for all the talk yesterday that the hudud bill may be amended, as at 9.40 am there is no such amendment on our table.

This morning, I received a long whatsapp message on the matter of what transpired at the 5 pm meeting yesterday.

It gives a rather reassuring and flattering view of what UMNO BN are trying to do to delay and derail Hadi Awang's bill. The explanation however does not negate the simple fact that UMNO could still stop this, if it wants to.

Instead UMNO is still choosing to accommodate Hadi, to allow him to present his bill BUT now seeks to "manage" the procedures and content. Good luck to UMNO in trying to manage Hadi!

The truth of what transpired in the meeting is also much more nuanced and worrying. While credit must go to Zahid Hamidi for having the guts to call the meeting to also engage Muslim MPs from the Opposition, most of the ideas and results of that meeting came from the PKR and Amanah MPs. Special mention must go to YB Fuziah (PKR Kuantan) for proposing a select committee comprising of MPs from both sides and all religions. Her idea was graciously adopted by Zahid in his conclusion speech. Khalid Samad, Mujahid and Dato Johari also stood to articulate the unwavering position on behalf of Pakatan Harapan.
After the 5pm meeting, the three PKR representatives that attended the meeting met and briefed the rest of PKR MPs. We were told to be on stand by. While Zahid may want to defuse the situation, it still does not mean that Najib and Hadi are of the same view. What if Hadi does not play ball with the wishes of Zahid? What if Najib overrules Zahid?

These are indeed very strange days. After all the posturing and credit claiming, the real heroes and villains will be revealed tomorrow. The situation is much more fluid than we can imagine, in particular the Sabah and Sarawak BN MPs are clearly adamant in opposing the bill. In addition, Sabah and Sarawak MPs have demanded that Zahid fly to KK and Kuching today to brief them. Ultimately, the fate of the nation hinges on these Borneo leaders. In the meantime, all of us are now on full alert mode.

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