Wednesday 19 August 2009

Cakap cakap....

Think Najib. Your Father Tun Razak left us over thirty years ago. And yet everyday we read of him in the media. We read about his life, what he did in Government, his likes his dislikes – we can even have a taste of  his favorite meals  - it seems that MAS is taking his favorite meal to the air! The people and history will also talk of you in the same way. 

What you have done in your life, with your life and for your life. You and I will no longer be around but our children will. Do you not think that you should do the right thing now for our country so that your children will think good of you knowing that you put country before self? While you still have the time, do the right thing. Maybe you are not the leader the country now needs ….I hope I am wrong. 

You were Minister in charge of MINDEF when we bought the submarines –three of them if I am not mistaken. If you tell me that Razak Baginda made $10 million out of that submarine deal I will say ”Good for him” Nothing wrong with a Malay making some money for facilitating a deal between Malaysia and a Foreign company. If you tell me he made $15 million… Ok also but I would want to know why so much? But once you go past $20 million I will want to know who else had a share of the loot? Now $500 million is going into the realms of the ludicrous…what can $500 million get for the Rakyat?
It would seem that Baginda had to cover all the bases. 
It would require the collusion of all levels within MINDEf.  The people who wrote the specifications, the people who do the evaluation, the people who deliberate on the pros and cons of the tender submission – i.e. the tender board, the KSU and of Course the Minister, the Cabinet and the PM. If all these people had to bought and paid for to get them on Razak Baginda’s side – again at the most I would think $100 million should cover it all – with change. So you see my friend $500 million is a whole new ball game. Do they also have to buy  the whole  Council of Ministers of France? The French President? Surely you jest !
And now we have JJ as the ambassador to the USA and an MP for Rompin at the same time – coming back to KL when Parliament is sitting! Are you nuts? I can just see Tun Razak face if he is told of that…no I do not think there is anybody brave enough to go and face up to Tun Razak with what his son is about to do!

JJ either remain the MP for Rompin (which is the most sensible thing to do) or he remains Rompin’s MP....of course there might be others who thinks that even that is too good for him...I make no comment on these suggestions lest I upset JJ.

I have asked me, myself and I and we together have decided that that would be the best thing to do. He does not know of me but I have known of him from the time his late father was a Police Officer working with my late Father in Pahang. This same JJ is not beyond trying to pick up girls he meets on his plane trips between Kuantan and KL – not that he has been that successful but he tries – till today he still tries.

What would Tun Razak do to not have a man like Najib as our Prime Minister. What would Tun Razak say when informed that this incoming PM is alleged to have been involved in the Altantuya situation. In the Razak Baginda’s situation. That alone would be enough for the bearer of that news to be given the Tun Razak glare for being brave enough to bring him that news. And immediately after that there will be another PM designate. It is an insult to Tun Razak for UMNO to consider anybody with that kind of record – what more if it was his son? It is an affront to his memory.

Who proposed Tunku to lead UMNO? Tun Razak did. 

“Bila saya balek ka Pahang, Bahagian Pahang Barat, ya itu bahagian saya pada masa itu, mengsyorkan nama Tunku menjadi Yang Di Pertua bagi UMNO dan cadangan ini telah di sambut oleh sebahagian besar oleh bahagian  bahagian UMNO yang lain”. Tun Razak.

Tun Razak had the magnanimity to ask that his Bahagian did not propose him. He got his Pahang Barat Bahagian to propose Tunku. Can you not see the sacrifice on your fathers side to do what is best for UMNO? Think Najib and do what is best for the country and UMNO  be damm.


  1. This country has long gone past the stage of doing whats best for the country.

    For Najis and Tun Razak, you can also read Keris-muddin and Hussein Onn. Hamid Albar too until being put to pasture recently.

  2. Agreed - but if we do not have hope, what have we left?

  3. Hi HH,

    I recall this quotation attributed to Albert Einstein, it's brilliant in its simplicity: "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."

    Perhaps, if each and every one of us were to realize all our individual actions are a collective legacy by itself, we will all strive to be a better person. And perhaps, we will then not be so careless and callous with our own lives and other people's lives but instead, do the right things that count where they matter most.

  4. Everyday I learn something that touches my mind and my heart..tqs