Monday 24 August 2009

Rats swimming to a sinking ship.

PKR loses Kedah rep
By B. Suresh Ram
KUALA LUMPUR: Parti Keadilan Rakyat was dealt a blow yesterday
when one of its Kedah assemblymen and an acting division chief quit and disbanded a division of the party.
Lunas assemblyman Mohd Radzhi Salleh declared himself independent, saying he has lost confidence in the party’s leadership but would continue to hold the state’s Tourism, 
Community Development and Human Resources Committee portfolio. 
Padang Serai division acting chief Jamaluddin Abu Hassan, 14 
central committee members and 200 members from the division also quit and agreed unanimously to disband the division.
This morning, again I had to perform the unpleasant task of going to NSTP having heard from my friends in KL that PKR had rid themselves of Radzhi and Jamaluddin. Had to go to NSTP because I wanted to see their take on the situation – and I was not disappointed. Headlines said  “PKR LOSES KEDAH REP” and they went on to make a song and dance act out of this ‘acting division chief and Kedah Assemblymen’ together with Padang Serai division acting chief’ declaring themselves independent  -and do not forget the 200 members from that division quitting too.
We have to remember one thing. At the last election, when these people were elected – Anwar had a very difficult time finding candidates to stand for election under his Parti Keadlilan Rakyat’s ticket. While most that do did so from their personal conviction and belief in Anwar’s ability to mount a credible challenge to UMNO’s  -there were some who did so because they had nothing to lose and thought that they could gain personally by standing. Because of the unprecedented victory of PKR against all odds – Anwar has had his work cut out for him in trying to weed the goods one from the bad amongst these people. The process is ongoing. In the case of these two and a few others, UMNO has done that favor for Anwar. We all have our ‘breaking point’ and UMNO found what that point was with these two. So hurrah for UMNO. It is another case of Rats swimming to a sinking ship.
The other point I wanted to make is this. Off the top of my mind, Pakatan Rakyat have had two ex Ministers – Zaid and Chua Jui Ming coming into the fold. These are  MINISTERS – NOT ACTING DIVISION CHIEF  and if Pakatan Rakyat wanted to, and if they had access to the National Media, we could have made a song and dance act out of it, plus a number of sequels (like the Terminator films) and translated the story into all the major languages in the world – including Berber, Igbo, Swahili, Hausa, Amharic, and Yoruba – just to make sure that as many people as is possible will read about in Africa!
Let us all say to Najib. “If you seek power. Use it for good”. Yes you now have the power. The Police, the Army and the Government will do as you wish. But power is not authority. Power is the ability to make somebody do something they would not have done. If you think that with the Power you also have the authority – or the justification and right to exercise that power over us – then you are wrong. Our brain is our authority. Yes you have the power to punish us for what you consider to be our ‘criminal’ acts in demonstrating against the ISA but our brains tells us that what you do is wrong. The power you hold is directed at maintaining you and UMNO in Power. It is diverted to satisfying greed and accumulate wealth for UMNO. If only you would use your power for good and not for evil.

You use power as a means of overcoming Pakatan Rakyat because it has become a threat to UMNO’s survival. But putting UMNO above all else indicates that you do not understand the people desire for change – possibly because it is far in advance of what you are able to comprehend. God I feel sorry for you.

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