Thursday 20 August 2009


While surfing all things Malaysian this evening I came across the above on You Tube. It is footage of a group of Ketua Pemuda UMNO from Selangor confronting an old man in a wheel chair on the steps of Parliament. That the old man happens to be Karpal Singh is immaterial – it is still a footage of group of able bodied Malay youths confronting an old man in a wheel chair.
First thing first. I have two words to say to those Pemuda UMNO leaders from Selangor – the first letter of the first word starts with an F.
I am trying very hard to be rational but I am shaking with anger and shame. If that was my Father in the wheel chair and it was a group of Chinese or Indian youth doing that to him – what would I do? This is what I will say if they were Chinese. “Babi China..engkau ingat ini Negri engkau? Engkau nak mampus?” I do not think I need to translate that. Words to that effect would also be directed to any Indians youth doing the same thing to my Father. That would be the anger part.
The shame part is that it was a Malay group that was doing that to Karpal who was in a wheel chair. Would I blame Karpal if that incident increased his loathings for UMNO youth if not the Malays? No!
This is a classic situation where bravery from their numbers made these Pemuda UMNO defend the Sultan, Pemuda UMNO, the honor of the Malays and of course their act of going for an old man in a wheel chair. These very very brave Ketua Ketua Pemuda UMNO Selangor must be very proud of themselves. How I wish we could just stage a one on one between any of them with Gobind Singh Deo. Then we can see how brave they get.
You can see the hate and anger when Gobind later confronted them himself. I am amazed at Gobind’s restrain. I have told you what I would have said if it was me  - Gobind was angry but restrained. His anger was fully justified. But you can see the hate the arrogance and the “I will teach this non Malays a lesson” look on the Pemuda faces. Can you imagine what they talk about in private?
I am no angel myself because it is hard to control myself in a situation where others – not necessarily Chinese or Indians – but even if Malays  - were to try and harm those that I love. But this I know. I have yet to come across a situation where a Chinese or an Indian have even come close to harming me or those that I love. UMNO youth are always on the brink of teaching the other races a lesson thinking that they are the warriors of UMNO. Again two words to them – the first letter of the first word starts with an F. 
You do not have the right to represent the Malays in that manner. Hate and intolerance for anyone, more so for people who happen to be different from us might be the norm during the Hitler era. Not now. And threatening an old man in a wheel chair must have taken a lot of courage – something that Pemuda UMNO should be proud of. So one last time. Two words. Starts with an F   


  1. Encik Hussein, don't worry, we won't be duped into hating each other. But we are beginning to hate BN parties like you won't believe. Everyday I pray that God will remove the evil BN leaders and I believe that God is just and will answer our prayers. Take c are and thank you for your courage in writing to expose wrongful deeds of evil UMNO. To me UMNO is the great Syaitan.

  2. They are peons sir.

    The real cowards are hiding behind these small time office boys.d4