Sunday 16 August 2009

Cakap cakap...

The other day I was thinking of how I came across my blog name ‘steadyaku47’. This ‘adjective’ has never been associated with me in any way before. As I was thinking about starting a blog late last year I came across it one day when I was surfing the net. The first picture that flashed through my mind when I saw that ‘steadyaku’ was this person trying to do something beyond his physical and mental capacity to do – not unlike you and me trying to do neurosurgery or brain repair – and quietly telling himself to ‘steadyaku …steadyaku’…willing himself to do whatever it was he cannot do with the eyes of the world on him. I saw it as a ‘him’ because the opposite sex are not that stupid. That image made me laugh at the absurdity of me thinking of starting a blog !!

Why? At that time for me to send an email was a trial and error situation. I try and the error keeps recurring. Going into the internet was frustrating because I did not know that there were things you call ‘bookmarks’ that you could use to identify sites that you use frequently. So once I leave a site – finding it again took a long long time. I ‘lost’ so many of my writing because the ‘delete’ button was pressed inadvertently and I simply did not know how to retrieve those deleted items….I am what you might termed ‘computer challenged’.

So putting two and two together I thought it appropriate to call myself ‘steadyaku’ and ‘47’ being the year of my birth – a right royal twit trying to start something he does not know anything about. Just a couple of days back my son Zach told me that Shazlina told him that I should do something about making my blog layout more ‘organized’ – at least use the same type and size fonts all the time so that it is easier on the eye – at least for her to read. So I had a looked at a few blogs – liked what I saw at Tengku Razaleigh’s blog (only the best …only the best!) and decided to use the same fonts that he does. And now popular legend swears that Ku Li uses the same type fonts that 'steadyaku47' does!! Steadyaku again. 

I will continue to learn and improve as I go along. I have Zach  on standby to assist me. Bear with me…any constructive suggestions for change and (more important) instructions on how to make thoses changes will be greatly appreciated. For those who have not done so and want to try – take it from me – try it. It is worth the effort.       

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