Wednesday 19 August 2009

Cakap cakap....

If PDRM take Ringgit $20 from me to ‘selesai’ a minor traffic infringement …I will be quiet. 

If I have to give Ringgit $80 to the touts instead of the Ringgit $50 standard charge at Puspakom to get a road worthiness certificate for my Taxi  at Puspakom.. I will still be quiet.

When I hear of another villagers and developers stand off at Kampung Buah Pala I shake my head in sorrow at another “them” versus “us” situation in which invariably the villagers will lose....then I start to question the state of affairs in my country.

You cannot take the people that I love away from me  and put them into a cell and expect me to be silent. See what it did to Azizah? See what it did to Marina Lee Abdullah? They will cry and when they are done crying they will look for ways to throw you out. You imprison people under the ISA but you free their mind. Their wives and husbands, their love ones, their friends, their followers will all do what they can to throw you out of Government. And what do you think that will do to Barisan at the next elections? There is something you need to know. Putting people away who are not criminal is wrong. I looked up the meaning of ISA this morning…and in my book it say “Families suffering”.

Then I see murder being committed on suspects under custody of PDRM, under MACC. I see Zakaria and Khir Toyo and their Istana. I hear of the King Istana being build in Jalan Duta and of the escalation of costs to four  or five times its initial estimates. 

Then I see the massive traffic jams created by the anti ISA demonstrations. Two hours and moving only 50 yards. I am sure people in KL would be cursing the demonstrators and I quietly tell myself to at least be grateful that the PDRM were about controlling the traffic – until that evening when while surfing the net you see images of your own people being tear gassed by baton wielding FRU and the Police. Your own people in your own KL being chased around like common criminals. Then you resolve to try and understand what is happening around you.

Another high profile corruption case go nowhere. Kasitah freed. Baginda freed. Lingam gone no where. TDC no case to answer. It took death to free Eric Cheah but like the others he did not go to prison.

Then Anwar is arrested again and to be charged for sodomy again? Did they not see what happened the last time they did that to him. Yes he spent six years in Prison. Yes he was battered by the IGP. Yes he was not able to be Nurul’s daughters wedding. Yes he only managed to say his goodbye to his mother only when taken to her graveside from prison…and YES he did put together an opposition that took away four State from Barisan at the last election. He has come back to haunt those that put him there. Prison was good for him. Sometimes we need life shattering experiences to wake up from the stupor that we have been dragged into. It was good for us. And now you want to put him in prison again. Why…. do you want him to win the next General Elections?

What is happening around us is the gradual rot of law and order. Of decency. Of the losing of respect for our PM of our government and more critical – the erosion of our belief that our government is one in which we can depend on.

Erosion are things breaking down. Denudation is the process of erosion. Big rocks are broken down into smaller pieces and eventually they become sand. Mountains become rocks and then becomes sand. The process is irreversible. When it happens all the time it is called mass wasting. Our country has reached that stage in the erosion of its values and in its loss of checks and balances within the government to ensure good governance. We need to help ourselves and our country. Our Government will not.


  1. En HH,

    I enjoy your banter very much. Please keep it up. How is the weather in Adelaide? I missed that place quite a lot. Hope you are well too.


  2. May,
    Adelaide sejuk nak mampus - which means so cold lah! It being Winter now...though having been here you must know the winter is quite mild but like when I am in KL I still take two showers a day and wear my sarong anytime I am around the house. When were you in adelaide and in which suburb? The new tram line have now reach North Terrace near the Rilaway Station. Cheers.