Friday 14 August 2009

Untuk Hamidi Hamid

Message for Hamidi - it was nice hearing from you again yesterday and to know that your health is good. You can reach me at my email Hamidi is a school mate of mine at SABS Kuantan - one year my senior. I hope he has been able to access my blog and been able to get this message and get in touch with me. There are many stories he and I can tell of each other while at 163 Happy Gardens - the house we shared with a few others while at Uni - but that has to wait for another time. For now my warmest regards to him, Tik, Hadi, Manap, Md Nor, Hamid Rashid, Hajidar, Hamzah, Fatul, Zahar, Zahari, Aziz, Ismail Raja, Alimin and all my friends from SABS. To all my SABS friends - please let us be in touch. Would love to hear from any of you. 

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