Monday 24 August 2009

National Day celebrations...

Why not stay home on Merdeka Day? No disrespect to our National Day, no disrespect to any race, no disrespect to anybody except that we will show Najib & Co. that by staying home or staying away from any Merdeka Day celebrations we do not want to celebrate national day with him and his cronies and we DEMONSTRATE (our favourite word for now!) our distaste for his Government and his way of doing things. There is nothing he can do about us staying home – can he? Does the ISA cover anyone staying home on National Day? Please Lawyers – can you give us some guidelines.
Of course you can put many arguments against this – the most up front will be – this will show disrespect to our King by boycotting any celebration he will be attending. I think not. DYMM is aware of what is happening amongst his Rakyat. He showed his displeasure of what was happening to his State with a quite, dignified but most effective silence. We are just following his Majesty’s lead.
It can also be argued that by staying away from any Merdeka celebrations we are shutting down Kuala Lumpur and business will suffer. We are suffering enough now. The sooner we effect a change in Government the better Malaysia will be. What we do not spend on Merdeka day we will spend the day before or the day after. Something everybody, including the business people, can live with. What UMNO takes they never return to us.
All it takes is a bit of discipline and planning. I believe this would be the most effective way of getting a “we do not like you” message to Najib and Co.” at the least cost to all concern. No overtime for PDRM or FRU (bad for them, good for us), no leave cancelled for PDRM (good for them, good for us) and we get to spend quality time with our family (good for everybody). Then I am sure in the evening when all the celebrations are over the whole lot of us that stayed home cannot wait to go out – to the shopping malls, the restaurants, the movies etc…good for business and good for the country.
So in the end it is a “win win situation” for everybody except you know whom!! No need for PR or anybody to organize this - because if you do there is the ISA to worry about. Just sms, e mail or tell people about this. Come 31 August just stay at home. Camna? Or as the Chinese say “So How?”..the Indians “Ingadey?”… I think….

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