Sunday 30 August 2009

Cakap cakap....fair comment

In my last posing titles as per above I received a comment from anonymous as follows and my reply followed.
Anonymous said...
it's so easy for a 'Malay' like you to comment on what's going on in Malaysia. you're now probably an Australian citizen marred to an Australian Madame living in comfort. We don't need people like you who was educated and given scholarships by the government but now that you're more educated lashes accusations on what happens in the country. the only 'change' you want is when the Malays lose everything. and then you will clap your hands (from your living room in Australia)and say Malaysia has come of age! why do Malays like you forget yourselves when you have achieved whatever you wanted to achieve?? There are many others like you who station themselves overseas and take a snipe at the malays u claim yourself to be. who are you? what are you?
HH said...
  1. I am not an australian Citizen
I am not living in comfort with money I took from Malaysia. I came to 
Australia 30 years ago landing in Perth with Aud $120( One hundred and twenty dollars only) in my pocket and not knowing anybody in
  3. Yes I married a Greek Australian in London(not in Australia) and she paid for the wedding ring and my trousers for the wedding - her father is a butcher - not a rich businessman.

  4. No I did not get any scholarships. All I have is an A level - and my father sent me to London to study with his own hard earned money -
and I let him down by not studying and instead got married at 21
 without a ringgit to my name.

So I am not educated (unless you consider an A level highly educated) and I do not station myself overseas but I decided 30 years ago that I do not want to live in Malaysian and that i prefer to stay in Australia - even if i have to earn a living as a waiter. So as a Malay I have nothing to lose in malaysia because I have nothing in Malaysia - but I do care when we have an UMNO that is corrupt and greedy and all people, regardless of race, suffer. If you read my blog you will have a better understanding of who I am - then feel free to say what you want of me - I just came back to Australia early last year after staying in KL for the last nine years - thinking that things will change for the better - it did not - so I came back to Adelaide - arriving at the airport in adelaide with less the Ringgit 500 (Lima ratus ringgit) in my pocket. Who am I? I just want to live my own life without kowtowing to any bloody politicians - and if you want to know if I know any politicians - yes plenty. The late Endon (Pak Lah's late wife) is my first cousin - her father and my late mother are brothers and sisters. And if you read my blog you will also know that my younger brother was Mahathirs personal doctor for many many years. So I am a Malay with all the right connections but i choose to live in Australia over 30 years ago. Does that answer all your questions.
My comments: I do not mind getting fair comment from anybody who takes the trouble of reading what I write because in writing I am putting my thoughts and ideas out there for everybody. But I do get upset when people who do not know me personally make unfounded remarks about who I am, what I do etc etc – what my agenda is for doing all this. One thing drive me to do this – my brains. If my brains say something is not right and if I can do something about it – I try. What is in my blog – not only the political comments but everything else in it is ME – I am no politician, I started my business life in Malaysia as the first malay to sell burgers from a stall in Penang – with my Greek wife alongside me helping out – she is still with me in my life and we will have it no other way.


  1. HH, don't pay attention to these opinionated individuals, individuals who think the world revolves round them, must kowtow to them, that Malaysia is theirs, and others are tenants.
    Your writings are a joy to read - very matured and non partisan.
    Keep it up.

    PS: I studied at SABS too.

  2. Well said! It's always easy to make comments when one is Anonymous. If they are kind comments, they are welcome. But when they are full of venom, the least those cowards could do is put a name down.

  3. Keep on writing. Dont bother with people with such brain. He wont even apologies now that he is wrong..

  4. Friends...tqs for your kind words...everybody entitled to their own opinion....but most probably that guy is going for some AJK post at some cawangan so must show commitment to UMNO cause...but then maybe I am wrong..if I am sorry lah..

    Ex SABS did you go for clebrations last year - some Jublie or something. I was there. I think Hadi was elected president of Old Boy's. I was on AJK but only for a few months until I left for Adelaide.

  5. HH,
    dont bother about this vermin's comments. people who cant argue with reason will always resort to ths kind of comments. heartaching yes, but not worth answering.
    i was in sabs from 1972-1975. keep on writing. most of us find your thoughts refreshing. salam/sakmongkol

  6. arifs.sabri,
    will do. Kalau u kat SABS 1972-1975 that means u belum bersunat lagi masa i di sana ! Salam.

  7. Abang

    Let your brains keep up the momentum

    Golden Boy

  8. Golden Boy,

    steadylah..saya ni almost 63...momemtum tu ada tapi banyak sangat speed bump dan ada built in cruise control...steady aja at 45 batu satu jam. Tqs guys.

  9. the hardest thing to open in this world is a closed mind & there are many of these ppl with closed minds walking among us. they can't even see beyond their nose tips & they dun subscribe to basic logic & rationale. they armed themselves with a 1-track mind & believe naively that others will buy their bullshit. but we still have to accept this reality that God put these ppl around us for good reason. and we are thankful to God that there still plenty of good ppl among us. for without darkness we do not what is light. fyi, i've started visiting ur blog lately & it's one of my favorites. and i've only went to once out of curiosity ... keep writing, bro & God bless!

  10. Bro HH,

    To hell with that guy, must be from UMNO, feeling the heat of loosing the government come GE 13.

    We are what we are, we have the right to differ and to have a different opinion!

  11. Hi HH,

    The choices we make create the tapestry of our lives. You have made a lot of choices in your life and more importantly, some of these choices had translated to the best things in your life - wonderful kids, a cherished marriage and strong personal convictions that speak volumes of your integrity. And then, there's your courage to share your thoughts. Please persevere; do not be discouraged by negative sentiments but listen to the silence of the majority who support your efforts.

  12. good writing HH. and good blog mr hussien. i even links yours to mine. keep it up!!~

    -nur atiqah anuar-

  13. Friends sometimes I get lazy and I let my mind meander where it will and I forget to focus...and sometimes my thoughts races far too fast for my typing hand to follow...then some nonsense creeps into my writing. Feel free to comment but I can give as good as I get and I enjoy throwing back anything you throw to me... so fire away when you feel like it.

  14. oh no~
    i just realise that HH is the owner of this blog.pity me.i'm sorry

    -nur atiqah-

  15. HH,

    You mean Hadi Shirin from Sg. Lembing and worked as District Eductation Officer for Pekan and later on Kuantan?

    Where is he now?

    BTW, which class were you in SABS- '66, 67'?

  16. yes sir - same Hadi -he is President of SABS old boys association. You can contact him through the school. I am one year his junior. Small world !

  17. HH,

    Hadi was my kampong neighbour. During those 60s era, he could speak Hakka in my neigbourhood kampong. But I was very much his junior then.

    I am now blogging from USA.

    I am very impressed by your spirit of adventurism, but I guessed your days in UK had inspired you to let your wings of freedom flying to a new distant land,despite the financial challenges facing you.

    Not many guys especially from your own community dare to be different to take the risk.

    Kudos to you and may you continue share your thoughts of a justifiable Malaysia.

  18. Somehow, I feel that one injustice cannot be solved by another. I feel that opprobrium directed at the maker of those comments is equally unfair.

    Yes. Perhaps the comment were harsh, judgmental even. Yet, before making further judgment about it, it may be as well to see where it is coming from, and why?

    Imagine, if you will, having endured injustice all your life. Imagine seeing fellow classmates with qualifications far far inferior to yours being given opportunities that are being denied you.

    I have seen this happen, to a rubber tapper's son who got straight A's but got no scholarship as a reward, and worked as a lowly clerk to save money for further education.

    I also remember a few Malay students at my college, who blew their grants as soon as they got the money - in casinos! They did not even get third class degrees. After their scholarships had been extended for two extra years, they returned to Malaysia, still with no qualifications!

    Malaysia is full of such cases. Malaysia, actually, practices as rather virulent form of apartheid - we used to campaign for the ANC in London way back in the early Seventies.

    The feeling was that all the whites in South Africa, who claimed to be against the apartheid system but stayed there and benefited from the rewards given to whites, by being passive, actually became collaborators. Accessories after the fact, so to speak.

    I am equally sure that there are many in Malaysia who have been hurt by Malaysia's hateful ways, seeing undeserving Malays who benefit from the system, view the situation here in a similar light. After all, look at all those pompous idiots in UNMO - they are ALL beneficiaries of the syatem, are they not?

    So, Judge not, lest you be judged.