Sunday 16 August 2009

Impossible is Nothing..the continuing saga of Samy Velu

MIC youth members to get age extended from 40 to 45 years
KUALA LUMPUR: The age limit for MIC youth and its exco members will be extended from 40 years to 45.
MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said this was in order to let more people join in the wing and enable the party to have a new generation of leaders.He said a committee that had been set up to look into the amendment to the party's constitution had completed its report and would table it to the MIC general assembly on Sept 12 for approval.
"This is important as MIC gears up its preparations for the next general election, where over two million voters will vote for the first time," he said in his speech at the opening of the meeting for MIC Wanita, Youth and other wings here today. – Bernama

Dey Thambi,

Ingadey? Wake up you Indians !! You increase the age limit for MIC youth and its exco members from 40 to 45 in order to enable the party to have a new generation of leaders????? Aisehman where got road. 

I am not going to insult the intelligence of the average Malaysians by dissecting what Samy Velu means by that quote – but I will insult the intelligence of the people who continue to have him as their “Leader”. 

I have to insult the Indians because logic tells me only Indians can become members of MIC. And only members of MIC can vote to get Samy in or out. So again I ask you Indians – why???? 

His son is pillaging and plundering Maika – or maybe I should say he has done plundering and pillaging Maika –can somebody, some Indian somewhere explain to me why is it possible that this is happening? As I have said before – the only thing that can improve Samy Velu is sugery….plastic surgery.

Kalau puan memakai Sari

Jangan jalan di tepi hutan.
Orang belajar ka luar negri,
Kenapa MIC ka Tanjong Rambutan?

Cukup lah. This guy is the laughing stock of everyone else except those that have elected to prop him up in MIC. Are you all going to allow him to lead you all to nowhere? If he is the best you have got – then somebody better help MIC because God will not.

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