Friday 28 August 2009


Methinks that too much is being made about the renewal or otherwise of the IGP’s contract. Do you think that if they change the IGP PDRM will stop doing what it is doing now? Stop taking money from the Public. Stop murdering suspects in their custody? PDRM will do whatever the Government allows them to do.

In as far as the IGP is concern, common sense tells me that they will retire him. Of what use will he be to Najib when he has become such a controversial figure. Najib has enough problems on his hands without having to handle the bad publicity that the IGP has managed to generate. He wants an IGP that will be ‘acceptable’ to the public and at the same time do his bidding. So while the current IGP will do his bidding he is not too hot on the PR front. So out he goes when his current term ends.  


  1. Salam bro HH,

    Ya, agree with you that the IGP should go!

    He has baggage as much as Najib's. They are in the same league!

    O yes, you asked my connection to the Indonesian singer, he's one of my favourite singers. First known him when I was in Special Malay Class in early sixties. I'm sure you've heard, Bujang Dara, Di Sudut Bibir Mu, DiWajahMu Ku Lihat Bulan, but he died early. Thats why they said, all good things end early! Kita satu angkatan bro!

  2. Salam Kembali...those songs - especially Di Wajah Mu Ku Lihat one of my late Father's favorite and mine too...suara nya sangat unique! Salam

  3. i have just put Di Wajah MU Ku Lihat Bulan on my list of songs - good memories...there was also Bing Selamat - good voice too.