Wednesday 19 August 2009


I must applaud our brother’s from the Indian community for daring to try for change. The only constant in life is change and yet the MIC has remain stagnant for so long with a leadership line that reflects the bankrupt force of your long time El Presidente Samy Velu. If Nammayar have the courage and the determination to begin this movement towards sanity in the Indian Community then I think that we, the other Malaysian, must do what we can to encourage and support this effort.
 Yes I know that you are in the ‘Barisan’ camp – but when you are trying to do the right thing for the Indians then I feel that I am duty bound at the least, to say “May the Force be with you”. And if any of you reading this are with Nammayar please send my regards to Vyran – did not know that he is already a Datuk – I knew him before he was one – so I will dispense with the Datuk for now.

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