Thursday 27 August 2009

Najib makes Idris Jala minister to run KPIs unit

Here is the thing. We have to understand this. You cannot have a good government with the present compliment of individuals from UMNO, MCA and MIC. It is simply not possible. No implementation of KPI by Idris Jala, Koh Tsu Koon or Azman Mokhtar will help. What is tragic is that these are three good people who are going to be buried under the mistaken belief that the proper implementation of their task – the administration of the KPIs will solve Najibs problem of having non performing Ministers. Idris Jala will find it impossible to be the force “driving implementation of performance management in the federal government”. Like Zaid he will fail in spite of his proven abilities to turn around MAS. Why?

Simply said it is not possible to do so because ‘performance management in the federal government’ cannot be achieved by a bunch of monkeys. They are not paid peanuts but they are still monkeys – with the probable exception of one…maybe two – and that definitely does not include Najib and Muyiddin. Picture this. Najib is asking his cabinet Ministers to do their work and Idris Jala will be advising the relevant Ministers how that is to be done? Please…go tell that to the UTK (or the Marines if you insists)

Can you see any of the Ministers listening to Idris Jala? Hell they don’t even listen to Najib because Najib owes his current position in UMNO and the Government to them. How so? Remember Anwar versus Ghaffar? Well Muhyiddin is now “Anwar”. Each Minister have already been canvassed and been told in no uncertain terms by Muhyiddin that when it’s time – they are not to be found wanting in terms of standing behind the dude that wears RM$500 shirts like we would take to a bowl of chendol.

Let us say that Idris Jala did find a Minister a bit remiss with his KPI’s and which Minister is not? So Najib calls in the said Minister into his office and do what? Remember this is the PM who still has not clear up his Altatantuya connections to the satisfaction of all Malaysian – including his Ministers! What does he say to his Minister? “Do as I do” or “Do as I say not do as I do?” or should it be “I do, you do, we do…but we don’t say lah”.

When we have a Prime Minister who is fundamentally flawed there is no way that he can get anybody under him to conform to any KPI’s or ‘performance management ‘ modules. He has got to understand that. Remember Idi Amin? He started as a sergeant (I think) with the British Colonial regiment, the King’s African Rifles. From 1977 to 1979, Amin titled himself as "His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor[B] Idi Amin Dada, VC,[C] DSO, MC, Conqueror of the British Empire. We now know how that all ended.

Najib can implement all the KPI’s that he wants but no amount of KPI’s will save him. I know it takes a thief to catch one – but that using a thief to catch a thief cannot by any stretch of the imagination be applicable to the cabinet – where I agree there are already plenty of thieves – because in the cabinet you are suppose to Govern not carry on stealing! Humsap punya orang.

So cukuplah with all these KPI’s. Appointing Idris as CEO of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) is not going to do him or you any good – but pity the poor Idris. Like Zaid, it is hard to say no to a “Ministerial” appointment. I suggest Najib that you just lie down and roll over and wait for the inevitable – the end!

Like Badawi with his MACC it was damm silly of you to start with the Malaysia 1 and this KPI business in the first place when:


·      You do not have the capability to implement it effectively.

·      You do intend to implement it.


This has has now become another  ‘silap mata’ for the Rakyat consumption – only this time they are very aware of what is happening. Like I said, give Najib enough rope ……. Let us hope he is also reaching out for the rope that Muhyiddin is throwing him. Good night.




  1. Idris himself is flawed...

    He made a wrong bet on the oil price..hedging for a long stretch at an uncertain period n the hedge is underwater now to the tune of 2.6 bil.He has to pray hard that it goes up to USD 105 very2 soon..or else he will carry the legacy of the guy who buried MAS.

    But his worse crime was highlighting a writeback as operational excellence...that typifies the guy,,all talk n halftruths to promote his own image,

    His achievements in MAS is asset stripping,reduced market share,lots of GOVT hand outs,padding snr mgmt..and really bad vibes amongst the real operation ppl.

    This will all come out in due time AND its disappointing that the PM is not smart enough to make the right judgement.But then again he has a guy in his cabinet who bought overseas assets at ultra high prices resulting in 2b writedowns to adding another whose recklessness in a noncore area will eventually hit MAS for a billion at least.

    And wats the deal abt KPIs??All the govt needs to do is hv open communication n interaction with the rakyat as a continuous process..thats the ultimate.Thos fixation with KPI will be the undoing of Najib n make us the laughing stock of the world.

    Australia Cabinet have KPIs?

  2. No.....Australian Cabinet got no KPIs...they got the media and the public to keep the bastards (that's what the aussie call their politicians) honest.
    Tqs for the info on Idris - would appreciate any more info you would have on MAS to make me understand what is happening in there. Regards.


  3. I do not see why everyone is bashing KTK and Idris Jala. From the beginning the PM had already said that he needed someone to head PEMANDU. I think we should all give KPI's a chance. It is not a matter of Idris Jala taking over KTK's job, in fact they complement each other. We haven't seen the results yet therefore I think it is too soon to speak, who knows maybe this time next year there might be some improvement. I'm confident this administration is certainly more productive than the last!