Thursday 27 August 2009

MCA ikut cakap Pakatan Rakyat !

I am impressed at how the Pakatan Rakyat leadership is managing the current situation in Malaysia. It is one thing to be able to make things happen within PAS, Keadilan and DAP  because after all they are one and the same party. But in MCA too? Aisehman this is impressive. There must either have many sympathizers within the MCA organization who are able to make things happen to benefit Pakatan Rakyat or Pakatan Rakyat have completely infilterated the decision making body of MCA. Before anybody starts accusing me of having flights of fancies let us look at the facts.

Let us look at what is happening today – 27th August – Thursday or as the Malay say Khamis. (sorry guys just had to do the “Learn a word a Day’ in bahasa for those of you who are still learning the language!) the headline in Malaysian Insider said:
MCA sacks Chua Soi Lek(updated 12.58am)
Now are we not in agreement that this would be the very decision that Pakatan Rakyat would want the MCA presidential council to make? Because by  sacking Dr Chuah it would really be putting the cat among the pigeons. Picture this – Dr Chuah’s supporters going against Ong Tee Keat supporters. It does not matter who is the cat and who are the pigeons but I think you can just picture the pigeons scattering when the cat gets among them…. But before the presidential council could decide to make this decision they would need a recommendation from the MCA disciplinary panel to propose that Dr Chuah be expelled from the party.
I am sure that MCA does not want to self destruct. So who made this happened? Methinks  Pakatan Rakyat engineered the whole thing. They planted the idea in Ong Tee Keat’s head that Dr Chuah has to go. Of course Tee Keat cannot just sack Dr Chuah. So Pakatan Rakyat had to get Simpang Renggam division chief Eng Cheng Guan to file  a complaint with the  disciplinary panel. How they do it I really don’t know but Pakatan Rakyat did it and Eng Cheng Guan did as he was told.
Then Pakatan Rakyat had to influence the disciplinary board to recommend the sacking of Dato Chuah. Again not easy to do because Najib himself has made it known to the MCA leaders to leave Chuah alone because he has just appointed Dr Chuah Barisan Nasional (BN) chief coordinator – here again Pakatan Rakyat is able to make MCA disciplinary panel go against Najib! Magic really!
So now they have given Ong Tee Keat  the reason to sack Dr Chuah  - and he did sack Dr Chuah. So now MCA sure to die standing lah !! Hats off to Pakatan Rakyat for pulling off this caper. Even James Bond would have been impressed. I am! Now it is over to you Dr Chuah...want to join or not? 


  1. Actually, I have only one grouse on this.

    The perfect timing would have been exactly 1 year before PRU 13 id due to be called.

    Now is a bit too soon, wasted lah.

  2. Come on lah that they can go into MCA's head this easily do you think they are going to stop after this? For sure there will be more to come...wait and see...

  3. looks like the King of Sarawak (tiong king sing) and the hormone driven Chua have pakat-pakat to get ah Ong out of the way. A new pakatan is in town; bearing in mind that this is happening only because the higher ups in the food chain has given his go ahead. so bye-bye ah ong.

    you might consider PKR as your next stop.