Friday 21 August 2009

The Good Life...

I got married when I was 21. Why? Well I woke up one winter morning (I was in London then being educated at Ealing Tech) and decided that I did not want to live without my then girlfriend, Lucy. So I asked her to marry me. She said ‘Yes”. She paid for the ring and a new pair of trousers for me to wear at the wedding. No inquiry if I had money in the bank to provide for her, no questions about whether she had to convert or be a Muslim, Buddhist or whatever to marry me. No discussions about whether we were going to live in London, Australia (where she was from) or Malaysia (where I was from). All those things did not matter then and does not matter now.

We went to the Ealing Council office and did the necessary. And no regrets till today – over forty years of marriage and living where we wanted to – sometimes in KL but most times in Australia. Two wonderful kids–Zach and Terrina. One Son-in-law call Emmett (he is wonderful too). And one Grand Daughter Isabel. By common consensus we are all agreed that none of us are any more important then Isabel – just over one years old. She is cute but more important she has not yet really really made any of us upset. My wife, my kids and even Emmett has upset me at some point of my life. Isabel has not. The same goes for everybody else in as far as their relationship with Isabel is concern. Her Mum might want to consider the hard time she had while carrying Isabel and the many sleepless nights …but Isabel’s cuteness cancels all those bad times. So in our book, Isabel is Numero Uno!   

In my life – so far – I have lived in Malaysia, London, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and a bit in Bombay (three months) I have dwell in over 40 house in these places and bought and sold close to 100 cars. I like cars. I like Jaguars, Citroens, BMWs..all those European Marques that makes you cry when they break down because they are going to cost you a bomb to repair. But I like Jaguars and Citroen so what can I do. Common sense was not something I have when I look at cars. In my life I have only bought one car brand new – A Suzuki 600 Auto for my wife. I love buying cars second hand because the joy of going out to look for one is something I enjoy doing. Some of you buy shoes, some shirts and some even houses – I look for cars.

Enough of me…but I have had a good life so far.


  1. There's a love story in there. I missed this post and am only reading it now. I love it.

    The first paragraph is really catching. I wanted to know more.

    I do understand, however, how important Isabel is and will continue to be so.

    Stephen and I are waiting for grandchildren but Jared is not yet married. So wait, we must!

  2. Lita have you told Jared about the birds and the bees yet?...maybe that comes first tak? The hard part is having to share Isabel with her parents...I don't mind but my wife is a bit more calculating...but I did tell her that after all they are her parents!