Monday 3 August 2009

What need is there for Ku Li?

Who are these people that will lead us. Anwar Ibrahim did not know of his destiny until he was faced with the reality of life within the four walls of his cell. Lim Kit Siang and Karpal never did have the taste of power as Anwar did but are familiar with the harshness and isolation that the ISA impose on those that are unfortunate enough to endure its shadow. Tok Guru had his son put away under the same ISA and I believe that the sorrow and pain of a Father with a son put away for his beliefs is almost as great a sorrow as anyone can endure. By circumstance or design their destiny is to lead us and we are grateful for their commitment and presence in our ranks.

If I am asked this question of the next GE “In this hour of its greatest need, will you not, as a Malay, support UMNO after all that it has done for the Malays in this country?” The answer from my heart will be “yes” but my judgement is “NO !!” I will not be for UMNO because it can no longer champion the cause of the Malays – the reason UMNO was established many years ago”

We have Pakatan Rakyat. We have our leaders. We have the anger. We have the moral courage of those who know what they do is right and most important Ku Li – you know we have the numbers.

What need then is there for Ku Li?

It is a selfish need because in the battle that we are now in, even God is sometimes on the side of those with deep pockets and large armies – instruments that UMNO and Barisan are not lacking. Add to that the Judiciary – then you will understand Ku Li the need for you to provide us with the moral leadership to keep UMNO from doing what it will do -  now that they know that they will not win the next General Elections. This is one of our fear. Given a level playing field we do not doubt our ability to win – but who will ensure that level playing field. You Ku Li – you can.

There is also another reality we face. Spend ten minutes conversing with the average voter and you will understand the need to keep the anger burning within the people so that come the next GE, their votes will be used to do the right thing for Malaysia. The apparatus and instruments within the control of Barisan is too encompassing and if used with intent can ensure their survival after the next GE.  What do we have but the hearts and minds of the people – and sometimes this is not enough. So we will need you to be there so that they know that in as long as Ku Li believes in our cause – so will they !!

So Ku Li we will need you to ensure that Barisan will maintain a level playing field and for the people to be motivated enough to keep their anger.  From where you choose to do so is your prerogative to decide – but Sir, in my humble opinion, you will do us a great service if that fight was fought from within our ranks. If our leaders can confide with you their thoughts, seek your advise when needed, share with you their confidence of the future and call you as one of their own – then I am certain that you would have achieve our life’s work – making our country our home again. 



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