Wednesday 26 August 2009

There has never been a time in my life when I was conscious of feeling inferior or felt despair or a sense of hopelessness because I am a Malay. But I have felt a sense of despair and hopelessness as a Malay for UMNO. In fact I felt it this morning when I surfed the morning news from KL. 
Malaysia to review Kartika's caning sentence
Najib urges Kartika to appeal
Come on lah – what is going on here? Our Prime Minister going in to bat for a 32-year-old part time model? 

Najib said she should not be too quick and willing to accept the punishment. 

“There is still room for appeal as the state authorities have always been sensitive and considerate towards such cases,” Najib said after chairing the National Finance Council’s meeting here yesterday”.

And Kartika does not want to appeal !!! Smart girl. She is watching every body squirming around  - her eyes dancing around under those dark sunglasses. If she was in London, the News of the World would by now, have made her a very rich lady. Thanks to the Syariah Court.

That our Prime Minister is getting himself all tied up in this matter indicates a number of things. 

1.  That Sharizat had a word with Rosmah and Rosmah (sister power and all that nonsense) gave her OK for Najib to get involve (with the case dummy – not with the girl!)
2.  Need to get peoples mind of the Permatang Pasir by-elections pronto – nothing beats a Muslim Girl drinking alcohol or a Minister doing the raba raba. Right now he has to go with what he has  - so Kartika it is!
3.  He has to be seen as a ‘take charge’ sort of a guy so why not take charge of a situation that shows that he is a ‘take charge’ sort of guy? The fact that this matter could have been better handled from day one to reflect changing times escapes Najib’s consciousness.
4.  This falls into the category of a “to do list” for a Prime Minister of Malaysia? How low can we go? Let’s limbo some more!

Oh dear GOD have mercy on our poor country. Send us a sign to say that we are on the road to redemption. Send us a sign. Any sign. Maybe you could tell Kartika that now that she has had her fun watching the mighty grovel, she should appeal and end their misery….if not this week then next week at the latest…but first go work out a deal with you know who lah… Amen.       


  1. smart gal kartika ... she's gutsy too! her beer-consuming-caning saga has travelled far & wide in the international community ... we all know who's susan boyle right, dun we?

  2. pinsysu....i bet you that she must be having the time of her life underneath the tudung....maybe can even get decent settlement from you know who if she appeals...she deserves whatever she can get. Way to go kartika !!!

  3. I can barely keep up with all your posts these days! I only have to be away for 24 hours and I see so many new ones to catch up on. Good on ya!

  4. hi Lita,

    when you enjoy what you do - as you do with your work, it is hard to keep away from it. regards.