Saturday 22 August 2009

Tiga soalan untuk pakatan pembangkang — Khairy Jamaluddin

As I went into Malaysia Insider this evening I saw the above headline  - THREE QUESTIONS FROM KJ. With difficulty I read through the article. I said with difficulty because even though a Malay I am emberass to admit that I crawl through articles written in Malay – but crawl I did through this article to see what it was that this Ketua Pemuda was going on about. Having gone through the article I thought I would get in touch with Lim Kit Siang or Anwar to see if they were going to give a reply. After all this was the Ketua Pemuda himself doing the asking. Alas I do not have either Kit Siang’s or Anwar’s mobile number. So with respect to both of them I have decided that I, steadyaky47, will do the honours.

KJ has three questions.

The first one is about Phantom Voters – Pengundi Hantu. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and KJ flatters Pakatan Rakyat by accusing PAS of using ‘Pengundi Hantu’ in trying to win this by-election. To the extent that they have instructed not a junior exco pemuda from Penang to do anything about it but to ask the head honcho himself, Ketua Pemuda Pulau Pinang Norman Zahalan himself to make an ‘Official’ complaint to the SPR – complete with evidence etc etc. So take note Pakatan Rakyat  -Pemuda UMNO are now making the complaint about Pengundi Hantu not Pakatan Rakyat. Methinks that would be a good indication of how desperate UMNO is.

Second Question – you ask why has Pas not been given a seat in the State Exco of Pulau Pinang. Easy to answer this one. The same reason why PAS has not been given an Exco seat to DAP in Kelantan. We are not going to bring up the issue of you, as Ketua Pemuda , not been given a seat in the Cabinet while the guy you beat in the contest for that Ketua Pemuda post was given a seat in Cabinet. We are not going to bring it up because you are a Bumiputra and the other guy is a Bumiputra. You are UMNO, the other guy is UMNO….aisehman if that is the case why are you not given a seat in cabinet?

Third question – KJ said:

"Dalam kempen PRK ini, saya tidak langsung mendengar sebarang rancangan atau pelan pembangunan buat rakyat sekiranya calon PAS menang menjadi wakil rakyat.

YAB Timbalan Perdana Menteri sendiri sudah menjanjikan status anak emas kepada kawasan Permatang Pasir ini jika BN menang, dengan pembangunan infrastruktur, peluang pekerjaan mahupun kemudahan awam yang sememangnya diketagihi kawasan Permatang Pasir”.

Projek lagi ! ‘Anak Emas ‘status, all the ‘rancangan atau pelan pembangunan buat rakyat’ all over the country  - who makes the money?  UMNO cronies are given the projects at inflated prices and they sub contract the work to others. These same UMNO cronies do not pay their sub contractors – and even manage to get variation orders to make more money. Methinks the Permatang Pasir people, no the whole country now will tell UMNO – keep your projects. We have enough faith in Pakatan Rakyat to do the right thing.

Done in good faith on behalf of Pakatan Rakyat. 

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