Wednesday 5 August 2009

What is the meaning of confusion in UMNO?

My friends..I think I have been getting carried away with some issue 'semasa'...sorry. Can I share with you these thoughts that makes me smile. These are my interpretation of what the term 'confusion' would mean to those unfortunate enough to be part of UMNO: 

Trying to understand the use of Allah’s name  “Insyallah” used by an UMNO ADUN who, when  ‘lompating’ to PKR, insisted that  “Insyallah I will stay with PKR”. This same Adun ‘lompat’ back to UMNO a few days later…uttering the lord’s name in vain?

Trying to understand how ‘close’  someone is to the PM when he says that he is a “sahabat” of Najib – what does that mean? Can this guy really swing that negotiated tender to my company if I agree to the up front 10% commission he is asking for services rendered?

Trying to figure out why everyone is still going on about Najib and Altantuya when Najib himself has decreed “
"Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi (With Allah as my witness) I swear I do not know or have any connection with the Mongolian woman," But then an untruth is still called an untruth even in Mecca.

Yes the Anti ISA faction is an illegal gathering…but the Pro ISA is also an illegal gathering? Najib must be losing his grip on the Police…or is it just a ‘silap mata’ moment?

Trying to figure out if Rosmah’s latest  photo has been air brush to sooth out the wrinkles or has she had plastic sugery?...or is she doing a Khir Toya ? Eating Tempe?

Trying to decide whether to laugh at this joke: What do you call Khir Toyo in his Istana? A thief !!

If Najib is the PM and Mahyiddin is the DPM – what does that make Rosmah? The Boss lah!!!

Trying to figure out what KJ means when he advocates  the “Rule of Law” in Malaysia – surely he cannot still mean the rule of “Father in Law” the good old days?

When Najib say “do the necessary”…does it mean that the UTK can blow up anybody they like or is it still limited to defenseless foreign national – preferably of the weaker sex?

When Najib saya tha the ISA is under review and Nazri insist that the ISA is here to stay does it mean that Nazri will lose or gain a point in his KPI evaluation? Lose a point because he was paid to say that or gain a point because he was not paid enough to say that?

When Najib announce that Malaysia must have “state of the art defence capabilities” does it mean that Razak Baginda is ‘in’ again although he is ‘out’ of the country? ‘In’ again with the MINDEF people but ‘out’ again because it is now a known fact that he does not pay the commission promised to those who worked with him?

When Najib saya that the local Proton car must be able to compete in international markets – does he mean that one of his cronies relative has just secured an agency for a ‘made in China’ car? Mati lah Proton.

Till we smile again ....Salam. 

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