Monday 31 August 2009

cakap cakap....

UMNO does not have a monopoly on greed. I myself will have a hard time to say “NO” to an offer that could set me up for life – granted that at 62 that will not cost anybody a great deal of money! How many of us will not want to be in the position of those UMNO Ketua Bahagians who have access to much money to be used for  the ‘perjuangan’ of UMNO. I can tell you that Fifty Thousand Ringgit is pocket money to these people. I know a lot of people that will sell their soul for a lot less.
I have yet to find a Chinese I can bribe. It is always the Malays who are at the receiving end. I did not say that there are no Chinese that can be bribed – it is just that I have not met any. Maybe because they are not in situations where I need to bribe them to get things done. It is always the Malays in Government, the Malays in Politics that ask for bribes. And all these Malays are Muslims. This troubles me as it must trouble many other Malays.
As I have said UMNO does not have a monopoly on greed. It is because of this that MACC have begun to move into Pakatan Rakyat’s area of influence. The argument that MACC should focus on UMNO because that is where corruption is more prevalent does not hold water. Corruption is corruption wherever it is practised. It is only because Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders are ever vigilant in their effort to not allow corrupt practise to have a chance to take hold that we hear less of this happening – but it is there lurking in the shadows where it has been banished. That is the difference between Barisan and Pakatan Rakyat. In one money politics moves everything in the other it is simply not the done thing. When any instances of corruption are uncovered within Pakatan Rakyat, we know it will be the exception rather then the rule.
So how do we prevent corruption in Pakatan Rakyat sphere of influence?
We cannot.
Human nature is such that when the opportunity presents itself their inclination is to take the easy way out. What Pakatan Rakyat can try  to do is to make it known to anybody that will listen that they will not tolerate corruption in any way and anyone caught doing so will be prosecuted and made to understand that it is simply not worth it. The reason corruption is so prevalent in PDRM is because they know they can get away with it. Put the fear of God into them and they will stop. So in as long as Pakatan leaders are conscious of the need to lead by example then corruption will never have the opportunity to breed as it did in UMNO.


  1. The best scenario is Pakatan getting into ALL levels of govt. At least from a corruption standpoint.

    Why? Simple really.

    Because we know insituitions like PDRM and MACC and the Judiciary have been compromised and will take years to clean up the sh*t left behind by UMNO.

    So, all these UMNO fellas will be combing the Pakatan Federal govt and state govts like crazy.

    Would anybody in Pakatan dare to take money? Even Rm 2000 flag buying incident is investigated. They wouldnt dare take a siingle cent.

    So, corruption wise, perfect check and balance!!!!!

  2. YES !!! ... I couldn't agree more.

    Doesn't matter which camp you come from to govern the country, coruuption is corruption. 1 sen or 1 billion ringgit is still corruption.

    If with valid proof and NOT manufactured evidence, let's prosecute them so that one day Malaysia will have minimum corruption.