Wednesday 19 August 2009

Cakap cakap....

I saw a video footage of Gobala’s arrest in Permatang Pasir this evening. I believe he is the MP for Padang Serai. In these last few months I have seen many such videos – the Police closing in on their man in a sea of people – crowds comprising mostly (I think) supporter of the person that was being sought or to be arrested by the Police. Two things comes to my mind.
One – that the Police are prepared to be brave and wade into the crowd going after their man. From experience I know what it takes for anyone to move into a hostile crowd going after someone the crowd believes to be one of their own. That the Police are just obeying orders is beside the point – they still have to have that courage to do as ordered. The Charge of the Light Brigade comes to mind.
Two. The crowd surrounds the Police on all sides. In terms of numbers the crowd, if they so desire, could easily sweep the Police aside and ‘rescue’ their man and take him to a place of ‘safety’.
Why do they not do it? Why do the crowd not rush and overwhelm the Police – put the fear of God into the Police – make the Police understand that they simply cannot walk into a hostile crowd like Moses – expect a path to open up for them – take their man and go back from where they came from?
Methinks the Malaysian public are loath to go against authority – especially Men in Uniform. I hope the time will come when the Police understand that this state of affairs will not continue as per status quo. That there will come a time when the crowd will turn against them after enough of us have been hammered into submissions by batons, choked and tear gassed into submissions by the FRU and PDRM, and kicked and brutally manhandled by these same FRU/PDRM. That they will say “ENOUGH” and the Police and FRU will think twice before going after their man in a crowd which consider that man one of their own. Dear GOD let that time comes soon.

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