Monday 10 August 2009

Can we do this together?

Since my last posting "I AM WITH MAHATHIR" (or what you can get away with if you can say that)" there has been some suggestions that there must be others with their own stories to tell.

Your latest blogpost may well start a "Mexican Wave"...imagine if more bloggers start getting personal with the crooks of UMNO and post their own personal bad experiences with the regime. It reminds me of a curtailed cyber-project called wikileaks

We cannot just depend on RPK to post sensitive documents in Malaysia Today although he is doing a good job at it. I am sure there are disgruntled government servants with sensitive information and documents to share with the rakyat. Ideally the server should be sited overseas”.

I spent a good deal of last night thinking of this possibility– that we together can make a difference by revealing unethical behavior in Barisan’s Government through telling others of our personal experience as I have done – as the curtailed cyber-project called ‘wilkileaks’ have done – as RPK have done  - and my heart raced with the possibilities. 

As my friend (who shall for the moment remain nameless until he permits me to mention his name) has suggested above ‘ideally the server should be sited overseas’ – as I am. My friends think about this possibility and give me your thoughts. Post your comment and ideas on steadyaku or direct to my email at

May I tell you a bit more about myself so that you will understand where I stand in this issue? I immigrated to Australia in 1978. It was a decision I made and have not regretted. This in now my home. I have cut all ties with KL – all my immediate family (wife, son and daughter) are also residing overseas. There really is nothing that the present regime can do to intimidate or ‘suggest’ for me to do. I have been back and forth between KL and Australia many times and the last trip was last year. Until we are rid of the present Barisan Government I do not see a return to KL on the cards.

I started this blog because a classmate of mine (who has a site of his own at Zveloyak) insisted that I must start my own site because he believed I could write. I could write so that people would want to read what I write. For that insistence that I should set up my own blog, Zaharan, I am grateful. Since then I have been pulled along by the happenings at home (yes I still call Malaysia home!) If you have read what I write I think you would know where my sentiments lies.

Another person I must thank is Lim Kit Siang. He has been kind enough to post what I write onto his own site. You will never have any idea how having my writing published on his site did to me. When LKS started doing that about a month ago the people looking at my profile on my blog numbered about 50…a month later it’s now about 500.

For now my Friends there is much to do. Please can we do this together? Time is not on our side. Enough of Barisan. Together we can do much. Let us start. Go to WikiLeaks and you will get an idea of what it is we are thinking of doing. It might work. It might not. The least we can do is try.

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