Wednesday 26 August 2009

Scooby Doo be doo where are you?

Petra where are you? The last time we had dinner with Marina – you paid so now I owe you a dinner. No I am not asking you to tell me where you are physically – none of my business nor is it the business of the Special Branch or anybody in PDRM. I know you are not in Selangor. Just a note on my email to tell me how things are with you would suffice.
Of course I have been reading whatever you write as it comes out but do I  detect a harder edge to the stories that you write? More unforgiving and possibly too much in your face re the matters that you write about? The last time I wrote about you was to tell you that you are no good to us dead!  That was when you wanted to ‘puasa’ until kingdom come. Cannot lah. Now I am beginning to feel that you are looking for your second wind for that final sprint to the finishing line – still a few years away but nevertheless closing rapidly. You were spot on with your Permatang Pasir forecast. For the life of me I do not know how you did it – but you went on a limb and walk the talk. So when that happens, even though I am older then you, have to show respect lah! And you know for us Budak Kolet that is really showing respect…
Now where do we go from here? It is easy for me to talk because I am far from the tentacles of the powers that be and the Special Branch but being away also means I am a bit out of touch with the realities of situations in KL. Would appreciate if we could get together over the net once in a while and cakap cakap. I have your email address but no response when I write to you. So excuse this open note to you – if you do not read what I write, I hope somebody will let you know that the Budak Kolet from Bangsar Permai say’s ‘hello’ and wants to know how to get in touch with you….so that together we can hantam the u know whoooo !! Salam to you and your better half, Marina.
Hussein Hamid:steadyaku47.      

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