Sunday 16 August 2009

Life like Malaysia.

This is another pick from my old stuff that I send to my classmates a long longtime ago...

I went over to the TNB office at Jln Masjid India to pay my bills. As usual there wasquite a Q so like any good citizens I got into line. Just as I settled myself for a long wait, the security guard came up to me and said "Tok (not Datuk...just Tok") and politely ushered me towards the next lane - which was empty. I felt quite flattered that the Guard was thinking that I was  VIP Datuk and important enough not to have to spend too much time waiting in line to pay his electric bill...surely there are more pressing "urusan negara" I have to attend to. But being a humble guy, I said no ..I will wait in line just like everybody else...but now even the people in the line with me were telling me to go to the other I told myself if all these people think I am that important...I better humor them. So I got into the other lane and went straight to the counter..and that is when the cashier told me "Pa Chik lain kali ikut lane ini" and pointed to the sign on top of the counter that said  "Warga Emas"....I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.


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