Thursday 22 October 2015

Politicians under Umno salivate every time money is being talked about. Politician conditioned to salivate at the mention of money can also be found in the opposition - for crooked politicians exists anywhere there is a buck to be made.

Does this Prime Minister and his Ministers, does this BN government, does Umno, take us all for idiots? How else do you explain the way they choose to talk to us? Time and time again Umno tell the Malays that they would have nothing to their name if not for the "struggles" of Umno....that the Malays are "bangsat" without Umno!

Umno tells the Chinese that they should go back from where they come from if they are not happy with the way things are in Malaysia. The Chinese have been threatened with being  slapped to having the streets of KL turn red with their blood!

Umno tell the Indians that they should be grateful for what they already have.  The way Najib treats Hindraf before and after the last general election says a lot about what he thinks of the Indians : that they are disposable once they have been used to achieve Umno's political agenda!

Najib Razak and his Ministers expect us to just take everything they throw at us lying down and be quiet. Do they expect us all to sit back and do nothing about it? Do they think that what they have been doing all this time in the name of government is an acceptable way to behave? To govern?

In the name of government they have recklessly and compteously use their executive powers for their personal financial gain! At their whims and fancies they interpret and define our laws to their advantage and in the process have corrupt the judiciary of its independence.  Over time they have managed to make government departments and government authorities into their image - corrupt and self serving at the expense of the Rakyat.

And they do all this while telling the Malays that the non-Malays are taking more and more of what the Malays have! They tell us that the non-Malays will never be satisfied with what they have!

What really are the Chinese and the Indians taking from the Malays? What really are they wanting more of?  What are they asking for?

Is the Chinese dominated DAP in Penang asking that the Governor of Penang be a Chinese? Are the Chinese asking that one of their own be given the opportunity to be the Yang di Pertuan Agong? Are they asking that a Chinese be given a DPM post...or heaven forbid, are they asking that a Chinese be prime minister of Malaysia?    

What are the Indians asking for?  Have the Indians asked that they be given the same discount as the Malays are being given when buying houses? Have they asked that any company going for listing on the KLSE must have 30% Indian equity for it to be listed? Have they asked that low income Indians should also be able to buy Amanah Saham Nasional? Are they asking that 30% of all government projects and tenders  be allocated to Indians?

The Chinese and Indians are not asking for special rights. They are not asking to be able to park indiscriminately during their religious festivals - as the Malays park their car every week during Friday prayers. Do you hear any Chinese complain that there are nine sultans and not one of them is a Chinese? Have you heard any Indians complain that no Indian have ever been a PM?
Now what about the Malays? Are the Malays asking for anything? 

Yes they are!

The Malays are asking that Umno stops the corruption within the party. The Malays are asking that Umno politics should not use Islam to advance their political agenda. The Malays are asking that the Police and other government departments do the work that they are being paid for and not be corrupt. The Malays are asking that Umno no longer bring shame to the Malays race by the manner they conduct themselves in government and the Malays no longer want Umno to be their champion in anything at all......all this Umno listens to, but does not hear!

And because we all have not loudly complain, Umno takes our silence as being tacit agreement to the way things are in Malaysia today!

It is time that we all make our voices heard to the powers that be in Putrajaya!

All we ask for - the "we" being Malay, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan and Dayaks dan lain lain rakyat Malaysia -  are for decent leaders and a government that puts the welfare of its people first and a government that is able to ensure the security and safety of its rakyat.

We want everybody that calls Malaysia home to be able to have a say in the manner that their country is being govern. We want freedom to worship our God...or not. We want to be safe in our own neighborhoods and anywhere else we choose to go. We want to be able to depend on PDRM and the authorities to uphold the law and implement it without fear and favor. We want the civil service and government departments to serve the rakyat - not themselves or the Umno led BN government.

We are all upset when we see Malaysians treat law enforcement authorities in the following manner :

Why have the community lost so much respect for PDRM, Council Workers and anybody else in uniform?

The root cause is corruption - corruption from the highest to the lowest level - that is why today we have Malaysians like the above - who have come to the point where they dare to confront people in uniform because they think that these enforcement officers are so corrupt  and are worst than the scums of the earth and deserves to be treated as scums....hence the above altercartion. 

Our leaders in government are blanketed by hubris! They know not the contempt and disgust we feel for them and that contempt and disgust have flowed down to the policemen on the street and the council workers who are are trying to do their job.

Today whatever your race, what ever your religion and whatever your political inclinations you know that our nation is teethering towards anarchy. Towards a nation where its people have already lost their respect and reverence for anybody in authority and for politicians holding high public office because self interest and corruption has permeate all levels of the government. And there is no higher a level than the prime minister himself who has put away RM2.6 billion of donations (so he says) into his own personal account and thinks that his continued silence on the matter will make the problem go away.

No we are not idiots. 

We are not fools who will take what our corrupt leaders tells us as gospel. 

We can and will think for ourselves and do what is the right come the next general election. 

Meanwhile we will suffer the fools from the Umno led BN government with the contempt and disgust they deserve!

We are past the half way mark towards the next general election. What we must now hope for is that the opposition will get themselves together and be the "change" we want in Putrajaya. It is not an impossible task for them to do but it will not be an easy will be a task that asks more of our politicians than what most of them have been prepared to give in the past.

Like the dogs of Pavlov - politicians under Umno have been trained to salivate every time money is being talked. Politician conditioned to salivate at the mention of money can also be found in the opposition -  for crooked politicians exists anywhere there is a buck to be made.

Maybe it would be good if you could use that most desirable of criteria to decide on who would be your choice to lead our nation- use "reason"! I think "reason" will define how our people will decide on theri elected representatives when they go to the polls in the next general election.

rea·son : the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic.         

We have almost lost everything to this BN government ...let us not loss our ability to reason what is good and what is bad for us.

There is no greater misfortune in the world than the loss of reason.
MIKHAIL BULGAKOV, The Master and Margarita

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