Saturday 31 October 2015

There was this man from Pekan.....

There was this man from Pekan
Anywhere he worked dia always cari makan
From Mindef to Putrajaya
Sekarang dia sudah jadi kaya
What do you expect when your wife is more demanding than a Sultan! 

This son of Razak is timid like a mouse.
Whenever he is around his self-proclaimed FLOM spouse
She is built like a battleship
And this I swear is no fib
And if he dares to cross her he will spend the night in the doghouse!

Now Umno is Najib's party of choice
This party is not all sugar and spice
You can get plenty of project
If money is no object
Under Umno all government business can be kautim for a price!

Before Najib there was Pak lah and Mahathir
And of these two I have plenty to say
Pak Lah likes to sleep
What I have to say on Mahathir needs to be bleeped
And all of the above three have certainly paved the way to our doomsday.

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