Friday 30 October 2015

Cakap cakap...Fool me once shame on you. Fool me 13 times....shame on me!

In all the cuts and thrusts of political point scoring, personal vendettas and "spins" swirling around 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion donation that was deposited in Najib's personal account, what will be borne out in the end would be that no laws of the land were broken. Put aside morality, ethics and public opinion and you will have zilch.

It is a sad reflection of the state of our nation that public opinion no longer can influence the action and deeds of this BN government and the leaders of that government.  What Mark Twain wrote about the weight of public opinion over ridding that of God does not hold water with this BN government.

Its name is Public Opinion. It is held in reverence. It settles everything. Some think it is the voice of God.
- Mark Twain

They are a law upon themselves -and why not? Over half a century of persistent whittling away at the independence of the judiciary and the introduction of numerous legislation that allow for this BN government to "govern" as they think fit have made it possible for this BN government to do just that.   

Today government in Malaysia has been made into the very image of Umno and BN. One in which arrogance, corruption and the getting of all things material has become "legal"

Political donation is legal. There is nothing in our legislation that requires for Najib or any political party to declare what has been donated and how that donation is used. You can also be rest assured that with 1MDB what is not legal now will be made legal retrospectively or will be deemed legal by a court of law that takes its direction from its political masters.

Like all the previous financial abuses and deliberate mismanagement by this and previous prime ministers, and all their Ministers and many others in public office, 1MDB and that dubious RM2.6 billion donation will be "resolved" the "Malaysia way". Those who have financially profited from 1MDB and that "donation" will be allowed to keep their "durian runtoh" and will, at most, be given a limp slap on the wrist and life will go on with nary a hiccup in their lifestyle or their bank balance. And all this will be done according to the "law of the land" and all those involved will be absolved of any criminal or civil wrongdoings. Ethics, morality or decency has no place in least not in this BN government.

So where do we go from here? Where can we go from here?

Do not think that Mahathir and his merry band of "politically challenged retirees" are being galvanised into action by concern for the people of this nation that has long been trodden upon by them and are still being trodden upon now by their successors in government.

Do not think that what Mahathir and his merry men now are trying to do is to save this nation from political and economic ruin if not Armageddon as the thieving law makers of this land scheme to acquire more insane amount of wealth for themselves.

Do not think that Mahatir and his merry men will want to usher in a change in government that will see open, responsible, and decent government with the relevant check and balances in place to ensure that there will no longer be abuses by those in government!

No Sir...far from it. What concerns these geriatrics politicians is simply this : Najib, Umno and BN have put them all in a place where they belong. In retirement and no longer relevant to Umno's need. When you are no longer relevant to Umno your cash flow source also dries out!

Now you are me have a far greater grouse against Najib and his merry band of Ministers and Ketua Bahagians that Mahathir and his merry old "has been". We are angry that what they do in the name of government is self serving!

Not illegal but self serving  
Not illegal but indecent.
Not illegal but arrogant and bordering on the corrupt.

The pain of it all is this is that we have all been complicit in all this happening. You and me, the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians, Dayaks and Kadazans and all Malaysians have allowed for this odious BN government to take root into the very soul of Malaysia and having taken roots, allowed them to proceed to sprout and take abode in the very depth of our Psyche and our soul - making enough of us to be their willing accomplices in perpetrating government as BN deem fit.

The rot started in earnest during Mahathir's tenure as Prime Minister and what Pak Lah and Najib has done is to follow suit in the same ilk as their predecessor. 

Najib however, the pupil who owned so much to his master Mahathir, has now become the master superior. Possibly more accomplished in the use of political power for personal gain then his master. More odious at scheming and scamming the people of Malaysia in his pursuit of staying in power than Mahathir.

If you have been fooled once in a general election by BN you can probably blame BN for being deceptive. If you have been fooled 13th times by BN then you should ask yourself what you are! Ponder and think what you will have to do in order not to be fooled for the 14th time.  

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