Sunday 4 October 2015

cakap cakap...sixty seven going on to sixty eight.

Sunday 8.53 am. 4th October 2015

Another week almost done. Another week ahead. The cycle of life continues without a thankful that you are still part of it. I am. Were there things I wish I had done last week that I have not done? Yes certainly there were.....but not having done them have not diminished my life in anyway. Do not sweat the small stuff...

and put this on your "To Do" list for next week : 


Last night I was awake until about three. At 67 not only do you forget phone numbers and names of friends but sometimes you forget to do things. Sleeping for one! 

You also forget anything that is not anchored to something tangible. 

I do not forget to do the washing or the dishes piling up in the kitchen sink because there are there all the time and will not go away until you are done doing them....but remembering things in my head is a bit tricky.

That is a problem when, like me, you write. 

Writing in itself is not a problem because once I start it usually flows on quite smoothly.... but only if I have something to write about! 

I spend more hours thinking of what to write then writing and I do worry about what will happen when I run out of ideas of what to write.... they call it "writer's block". I call it "mental block" because it is the thinking that is blocked...not the writing!  

But more frustrating is when I know that I have written something down and forgot where I have written the darn thing down!  For you see I write stuff on any thing I find within easy reach of where I am.....that could be the newspaper, a magazine, pages of books that I am reading or even on the box of that frozen meal that I am heating up for my beloved wife. And then I go and throw that box for that frozen meal into the recycling bin after the meal is cooked before I can use that "thought" as fodder for my blog. 

Gone forever! 

I might remember what it was that I wanted to write about but I can never remember it in the same way as I had first thought about it that would make it interesting enough for me to want to write about it and for you to want to read about it.

Such is life at 67 going on to 68! 

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