Thursday 29 October 2015

Berita Daily : Whatever you do, just vote Barisan Nasional.

Berita Daily

The opposition is now a sailing ship motionless in a sea bereft of any prevailing winds while Umno with Najib Razak as its leader, on the other hand, is a rock of consistency
Hussein Hamid
There are many things I can take issue with what this BN government is doing in the name of Government. I have a list of what I think this Barisan Nasional (BN) government has done wrong that can more than cover both sides of an A4 size paper, and that is only from the time that Najib took over as prime minister.

Then when I look at what has happened with Pakatan Rakyat since the last general election, I believe that there is a case to be made about how successful Najib's tenure as prime minister has been when compared to Anwar Ibrahim's stint as leader of the opposition!

For starters despite his 'defeat' at the last general election when BN lost its popular mandate to govern, Najib is still prime minister. Anwar Ibrahim is in jail.

Pakatan Rakyat is no more. BN is still the government of the day with Najib Razak as its leader with no challenge to his leadership of Umno and BN on the horizon.

Like Mahathir before him he has dismissed his deputy but Najib has done so without any great upheaval within Umno or BN.

Like Mahathir before him he has dispensed favours - financial handouts and projects to those he favours. While Mahathir squandered billions in projects, contracts, privatisation, utilities and highway toll projects to a few (be it families or cronies), Najib too has done the same.

But those that have directly benefited are many including those that mattered to him politically - the Ketua Bahagians through his cash is King mentality - and the public through BR1M and other financial handouts to many others.

Like Mahathir, Najib too had taken 'donations' for Umno. These donations are part and parcel of how politics in Malaysia is played out. For me the amount is immaterial - you can never be a bit pregnant - nor can you be just a little bit corrupt. If the law says that you are allowed to take political donations without having to account for it...then you can do so.

Like Mahathir before him he has used his position as prime minister to consolidate his position within Umno and in government. Where necessary he has legislated in order to allow him to do so and he has also used the various government functionaries to do his biddings.

There is nothing that Najib has done so far that has not been done by the prime ministers before him. If you want to fault Najib it is because he has done it all in much a better and more effective way than how Mahathir and Pak Lah have done. And he has done it all to benefit himself more than the party, more that the government and more that the people of our nation.

And therein lies our problem with Najib.

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